5 Lunch Options For Busy People In Coworking Spaces

“What’s for lunch?” This age-old question has boggled the minds of many hungry people. Many busy bees don’t find time to eat healthy meals amidst the hustle of a busy coworking space. That is why preordering a home-cooked meal from Mama’s Kitchen is your best bet. In this article, we compiled 5 lunch options for busy people in coworking spaces. Stick around till number five to see what the ultimate option is.

5 Lunch Options For Busy People In Coworking Spaces

5 Lunch Options For Busy People In Coworking Spaces

An important part of productive work is getting the energy that fuels our efforts. Corporate office spaces have specified lunch hours and in-house cafeterias. But what do coworkers in a space do when they want some chow?

1. Bring out the good old lunch box

Lunch boxes have been around since the industrial revolution. Whipping up some sandwiches and a thermos full of coffee before coming to work is a great way to eat food that you made (or at least defrosted) yourself. This saves a lot of money for bootstrappers with slimming wallets. The problem is when your alarm clock rings after the fifth snooze, and the bus leaves in 10 minutes, it is really difficult to grab breakfast let alone make a lunch for later.  

2. Take a lunch-break in the diner

eating together in a diner

Many coworking spaces are situated in highly urban areas. This offers many options for coworkers to go to a nearby restaurant (usually next door) and have a well-earned lunch break. The flexibility of unplugging a laptop and taking your work to a nearby eatery makes this a great option for coworkers looking for a nutritious lunch, away from the familiar workstation. But even then, standing by as your waiter clears the table and gazing indecisively at the 30 delicious options on the menu for a solid 10 minutes before you order, can take a huge chunk out of your work time.

3. Order from a fast food joint

hamburger and fries

It’s 2:00 pm and your stomach started growling. The hunger is making you lose focus and the words on your laptop are blurry and incomprehensible. There is a deadline creeping up and your browser has twenty tabs open. What do you do in this case?

Many people faced with this situation decide to throw caution to the wind, pick up the phone and order the biggest cheeseburger from the nearest burger joint you can find. The problem with this approach is that you are piling up empty calories with no real nutritious value.

4. Eat at the venue’s cafeteria

Recently, many coworking spaces are equipped with full-fledged eateries. They offer a range of options from quick salads to a hearty Penne Alfredo. This is a perfect option for all the busy bees who don’t want to stay away from their work. The problem with this option is that the repetitive menu and the general priciness of the meals at the cafeteria make it unsustainable to eat there all the time.

5. Order a home-cooked healthy meal

home-cooked meal

When the busy days are taking a toll on you and you miss your mom’s cooking. The feelings of nostalgia take you back and all you want is a hearty meal. This is why having proper, fresh and hearty home-cooked meals is the best option. This is a great opportunity to try different cuisines and meals made in a proper kitchen rather than a restaurant or a snack bar.

There are many platforms to choose from; but if you are in Beirut or Dubai, nothing beats Mama’s Kitchen (Mama’s Tabkha for Beirut). You can order 3 or more meals each week that can be stored in the fridge and maintain their freshness. The selection of dishes is very widespread and affordable, packing sizeable nutritious value and made with love from Mamas and professional chefs. Each meal comes with a salad and a dessert. The beauty of this option lies in its customizability. Every meal can be made to order with specific dietary preferences.

As Joseph El Khoury, the managing partner at the Koozpace coworking space said:

I believe that ‘Mama’s Tabkha’ is a great initiative especially for our community members because our main objective is to promote a healthy lifestyle.

For that purpose, we offer to our members an access to our fitness club and offering them this healthy meal service will further help us reach our goal.