Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews’ Dinner with ChefXChange

At ChefXChange we love food, but we also love TV shows! Picture this: Spencer Matthews (Made in Chelsea) organized a dinner with ChefXChange…  

Friday, 11AM – The Ivy Chelsea Garden

Spencer is slumped at a table. Hungover and slightly shifty-looking, he groans as he gulps down a Bloody Mary. Jamie looks on concerned.


Spencer: Oh god. Jesus. Why did you let me drink so much?

Jamie: Oh come on mate, it was a good night!

Spencer: Yeah… bit too much fun.

Jamie: You worried Lauren’s going to find out?

Spencer doesn’t saying anything, just groans again. At that moment Lucy walks in, looking fresh-faced and disdainful. She spots the boys and heads over.

Lucy: Well fancy seeing you here!

Spencer: Well this is Chelsea, we randomly bump into each other all the time.

With her usual nous, Lucy immediately reads the vibe.

Lucy: You’ve been drinking, haven’t you? Did you go home last night?

Soon she’s managed to wrangle the story out of Jamie and raises a disgusted eyebrow.


Lucy: Urgh Spencer, you’re disgusting.

Spencer: But I honestly feel so guilty! I’ll never drink again! I just need to make things up to Lauren – I need to make a big gesture, to show her I still care.

Wordlessly, Lucy drops a business card on the table and stalks out.

Jamie: What’s this? ChefXChange?

Spencer: Oh yeah I’ve heard of them! My mate used them – you get a chef to come to your home and cook a private dinner, anything you want.

Jamie: That could work! Nothing says romance like a romantic private dinner…



Wednesday, 1PM – Spencer’s flat

The boys log onto the ChefXChange website. In less than a second they have a range of Chefs to pick from for the following night.

Jamie: This is so awesome! Partay time! I’m gonna get one every night!

Spencer: Concentrate, we need to pick one for tomorrow! What do you reckon Lauren will like?

Jamie: Ohh look at this one – Chef Rigels. Guinea-fowl risotto with black truffle, Aberdeen Angus fillet steak and forest fruit pavlova. Don’t think you’re gonna find better than that!


Spencer: God mate, I’m salivating just looking at it. But Lauren’s a vegetarian – well, she says she is but she still eats fish. Women, eh?

Jamie: Well if it’s fish you’re after, how about Chef Marco? Oyster and prawn tartare; pan-fried scallops with rocket cream, melted lardo, asparagus; seabass, cauliflower and saffron puree, beurre blanc; and spicy chocolate millefeuille with mixed berries. Yummy yummy in my tummy!

Spencer: Perfect! Hopefully this will do the trick…



Saturday, 8PM – Spencer’s flat

The candles are lit, the white tablecloth is laid and syrupy love songs are playing softly in the background. Spencer opens the door to Lauren and she gasps in wonderment.

Lauren: Oh Spenny! You shouldn’t have!

Spencer leads her to a chair, hands her a glass of Bollinger and puts on his grave face.

Spencer: Actually Lauren, I should have. I made a mistake last night – just a kiss, but I feel terrible.

Lauren gasps again, this time in horror, and chucks the glass of Bollinger in his face. Spencer licks his lips plaintively and wipes away either a tear or a splash of champagne.

DG m2

Spencer: I’m so so sorry. I know it’ll take ages to regain your trust – but at least have dinner with me tonight, so I can show you how sorry I am.

At this moment the waiter appears and the pre-starter is served. Lauren is torn between her desire to flounce out dramatically and her desire to eat the delicious-looking tartare. As she’s only dating Spencer to get on TV anyway she decides to begrudgingly forgive him; after all, there’s an enchanting smell of pan-fried scallops wafting from the kitchen and it would almost be rewarding Spencer if she left, seeing as he’d get double-portions…