Best Lebanese Manakish: Simple, Cheap, Yummy And Easy To Make!

To almost all Lebanese, it’s never a complete week without having Manakish for breakfast! Man’oushe, a single unit of Manakish, is considered to be the Lebanese pizza. Though much simpler than the Italian one, is made of 2 main ingredients which are the dough and a topping of your choice.

Depending on your preferences, Manakish can come with different toppings.

  • Thyme (Zaatar) often prepared with olive oil, which happens to be the most popular one and the first ever topping placed over a Man’oushe.
  • Cheese (Jibneh) that comes in many different types such as Halloum, Kashkawan, Bulgari or Ikkawi.
  • Ground meat (Lahmeh), and ‘Kishek’ which can also be found on the Manakish menu.

Nowadays, people have been mixing them. You can now find thyme mixed with cheese, cheese mixed with kishk, or cheese and meat. Those are among the most popular one. Also common to add extra toppings to your ‘Lebanese Pizza’ like olives, tomato, cucumber, pickles, lettuce, corn, or turkey.

Manakish for breakfast

Various Flavors of Manakish

How many calories does the Lebanese favorite breakfast cost you, and how healthy is it really?

Well, the average Man’oushe carries around 330 calories. They are a very good source of protein and carbohydrates, but also quite rich in fat. That is the reason why (parallel to the trend of healthy eating and encouraging dieters to have one every now and then) many shops are now offering low fat and low sodium Manakish.

Dr. Zantout, a nutritionist in Beirut and a Man’oushe lover, advises:

It is OK to have 3 Manakish per week, as they are considered to be a very good source of energy which can help you handle a long tiresome day.

Man’oushe is one of the cheapest and most delicious breakfast items one can have in Lebanon. As the owner of Libano Bakery in the suburbs of Larnaca says:

I’m not selling dough with toppings, I’m serving the Lebanese breakfast experience.

Manakish snack shops are becoming more widespread in the world by day. Lebanese immigrants have taken this concept as far as the USA, Canada, Australia, and almost the whole of Europe. People seem to love yet another Lebanese dish besides Tabbouleh now.

No matter how cheap or expensive, high calories or low, a Man’oushe is hard to resist. 

If we managed to tickle your taste buds, browse through our amazing Chefs’ panel. Imagine having this fresh mouthwatering Man’oushe waiting for you on your kitchen table the next morning.