Meal Delivery Plans in Dubai: Healthy Meals for Lunch and Dinner

We have great news for our Dubai foodies: Meal Delivery is now live in the city of the Burj Khalifa! You can order amazing homey meals for your lunch and dinner freshly made by our Chefs. If you wish to have delicious meals without going through the struggle of cooking them yourself, we encourage you to try out our meal delivery plans in Dubai. 

Meal Delivery Plans Dubai

Meal Delivery Plans in Dubai: Healthy Meals for Lunch and Dinner

How does it work?

We update the menus weekly, so you get to experience the diverse cuisines offered by Mama’s Kitchen. Our homey and healthy meals vary from vegetarian to chicken, meat or fish. Every box will come with an instruction card. It will tell you if the meal can be kept in the freezer and what it contains. All dishes can be kept chilled in the fridge for up to 3 days. All you have to do is heat them as they are, in the microwave and enjoy that homey feel.

The menu is a compilation of traditional recipes and know-how from all over the world. We’ve got Italian, Indian, Thai, Moroccan, Syrian, Portuguese and Middle Eastern dishes to name a few. Allow us to fill you in on our secret weapon: our Chefs and our Mamas who cook with passion and love!

By subscribing to this weekly service and placing your order before Thursdays, you will get your meal box delivered to your doorstep on Sundays which should be enough to get you through the week. If you’re not convinced just look at our chefs’ dishes below! They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words, in this case, we’d have to agree…


Also, we make sure your meal plan is not only tasty but well balanced, by adding a side salad and a surprise dessert or fruit in every box!meal delivery dubai

ChefXChange has found a way to remove some of the responsibilities from your plate by offering you a homemade food delivery in Dubai: Mama’s Kitchen. Get excited about our first week’s menu and try us out!