Meal Plan Delivery Dubai: Indian, Italian and Lebanese Meals

Cooking can be so much fun until it becomes a chore. Having to prepare something every day when you are already exhausted from a long day at work can become a very daunting task. To help you keep your cooking enthusiasm we have come up with a meal plan delivery in Dubai. You can order your weekly meals with Mama’s Kitchen service, where each and every meal that you receive has been prepared with passion by one of our Mama’s.

Meal Plan Delivery Dubai: Indian, Italian, Lebanese Meals

Meal Plan Delivery Dubai: Indian, Italian, Lebanese Meals

Meal plan delivery in Dubai is very easy, you receive your weekly menu to choose your meals from and submit an order by Thursday. And on Sunday your delicious meals are delivered to your door. Our Mama’s come from all over the world and so do the meals they cook for you. So you will not only discover new and exciting dishes but also have an opportunity to eat some of your faves. 

Meal Plan Delivery Dubai – Indian meals

If you love Indian food you will definitely like Dal Tadka prepared by one of our Mamas. For some inspiration for your weekend cooking efforts have a look at our Mild South Indian Coconut Curry recipe.


Meal Plan Delivery Dubai – Italian meals

Are you a fan of Italian dishes? So are we and we know that after a hard day a rich tomato sauce and Italian style meatballs is exactly what you need. Check out our Tuscan Garlic Chicken Recipe for some more inspiration.


Meal Plan Delivery Dubai – Lebanese meals

If you are craving a taste of Lebanon, you are in the right place. We have a variety of delicious Lebanese dishes such as Lubia with Lamb. This delicious dish will be a great lunch to take to work. Some of the other Lebanese dishes that we recommend is Khodra Bil Sanieh.


If you have enjoyed this preview of the meal plan delivery Dubai have a look at our website. If you are planning an event you may find our Private Chef’s menu ideas inspiring.