Meet the Professional Chef Ricardo Behind Our Recipes

The story of a professional chef is a story of passion. Its a story of how food is an astonishing art form that truly encapsulates our human ingenuity. The story of a professional chef is one of constant learning and experimenting. In this brief expose we will give you a wholesome overview of one of our most talented chefs: Ricardo Menta.

At ChefXChange, we are proud and honored to have professional chef Ricardo on our team. This chef is bustling with talent and creativity. His recipes are always culinary artworks of the highest caliber. this speaks volumes about his unparalleled skills in the kitchen. So strap in and join us in this interview as we explore the depth of this man’s culinary passion!

Meet the Professional Chef Ricardo Behind Our Recipes

Meet the Professional Chef Behind Our Recipes: Chef Ricardo

1-When did you start cooking?

 As a professional Chef, I started to cook in 2005, I used to cook with my grandmother since I can remember, and I was also her best pot washer ever! This gave me an everlasting love for food. My grandma made everything with love. She always looked happy and at peace when she cooked. I really cherish those moments.

2-What inspired you to become a Chef?

My Grandmother for sure, but also the environment in the kitchen (I know that sounds crazy, but I really like the buzz, the shouting, the precision and even the rush that comes with it). I guess I just fell in love with it as crazy as it might sound.

Chef Ricardo

3-When did you decide that you would want to pursue your career as a Chef and not just have it as a hobby or part-time job?

 My first professional Chef job made me want to pursue it. My first Head Chef was as tough as it gets and I wanted to show him that I could make it. It was this challenge that instilled the spirit of perseverance in my heart. Which something that I will be forever grateful for. 

4-How does your multi-cultural background affect your meals?

 That is very exciting to be honest, growing up in Brazil from an Italian family. Brazil is a very rich gastronomic country with so many different cuisines. All these influences from the native Brazilians, to the Europeans, Africans, and Asians have created a vast range of culinary excitement around the country. The products we grow, our fruits are incredible so I guess I try to get the best of what I know from home to what I have learned over the years. That has helped me to develop my own style of cooking. I have not invented anything new, but for sure I have my own style well defined.

5-What type of cuisine do you think you’re best at?

 I think that answer will always be from the heart. As good as I can cook and as excellent the meals I have had the pleasure to eat around the world. Home is where always the best food comes from.

6-Can I say something like: you follow recipes but always add your touch to the meals. That is why people have to customize the recipes you write to their tastes?

 Sure I am not good at following recipes, by the way, I always change it. In my Quiche Lorraine recipe, for instance, I gave the reader a great margin of liberty to be free and creative when preparing the meal. Another example of the way I deal with recipes is when I published an article on how to make the perfect spaghetti bolognese. In that post, I stressed the roots of the dish and how it fuses many influences together to create a wholesome and hearty meal.

7-What’s your favorite thing about cooking?

 My favorite thing is how you can put a smile on peoples faces with a good plate of food.

8-What process do you follow when you work in the kitchen? 

 I like it organized. I think the first thing you need to have in order to work as a Chef is to be organized. Things need to be always in the same place so it becomes second nature for you. And when I mean always I really mean it, no changing even a few centimeters. So that is the start, once you have that everything else should fall in place. Your mise en place will be easier, your service will be easier, everything else should just have a natural flow if you are organized.

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