Mexican Food Catering: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

Mexican cuisine is one of the most popular choices, whether we are talking about a quick lunch or a big dinner with margaritas. That is one of many reasons why you should give a Mexican food a go when it comes to bigger events and hiring a caterer. We have prepared 4 amazing Mexican Food Catering propositions, that will prove that Mexican comfort food can find its place on fancy plates too. 

Mexican Food Catering: Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

Mexican Food Catering: Prices, Reviews, And Special Offer

Chef Amaro’s Mexican Flavor

Mexican dinner menu

  • Corn Pico de gallo

  • Mexican Poppers

  • Chicken Burritos

This lovely menu is a great choice for those of you who love Mexican food as it consists of all the delicious classics. Enjoy mild pick de Gallo to start your delicious event. Follow up with stuffed jalapeno peppers for spice things up and let the burrito be the grand finale of your evening. This menu can be arranged for a smaller group of 20 – 40 people and it will cost you 300-500 AED per person.

Chef Yann’s Mexican Street Food 

Mexican street food dinner menu


  • Sharing Plates

  • Dips

  • Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Or next Mexican food catering menu is perfect for a buffet. It consists of all sorts of delicious dishes that you can share and walk around with. Try many different Mexican dips with delicious corn chips and of course, enjoy the deliciously fresh and hot churros. This menu can be served to a party of 4 -15 people and will cost you between 48- 62 GBP per person. 

Chef’s Gregory’s Taco night


  • Braised Mole Short Rib Tacos

  • Mexican Street Corn

  • Chips & Guacamole

If you love mole, this menu should be your choice. It will be a nice choice for a relaxed evening with a bunch of friends, especially perfect for a garden or rooftop party. Enjoy this menu at a bigger party, as Chef Gregory offers his menu for up to 100 people. Per head, this meal will cost you between 60 and 95 USD.

Chef Ramzi’s Seafood lovers menu

  • Sea scallop, mango salsa, and guacamole.

  • Cured salmon

  • Cardamom pannacotta

The last menu on our list of Mexican food catering menus is a fusion offer for those of you who like a touch of all different cuisine in a meal. Start your evening with fresh scallops with mango salsa and guacamole. Continue with salmon and finish your dinner with a new and exciting version of pannacotta. This menu is offered to parties of up to 40 people for 14-16 BHD per person.

ChefXChange Reviews

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