What Does Michelin Star Mean? Michelin Star Guide And FAQs

You’ve probably heard of the terms Michelin Star Chef or Michelin Star Restaurant when referring to especially fine dining experiences. But what does it really mean and where did it originate? We, at ChefXChange, have Michelin Starred Private Chefs; but how did they get this distinction? We have complete Michelin star guide for you – Let’s explore more together.

The Michelin Star Guide became the bible for quality fine dining acknowledgements and recommendations. Restaurants who earn their Michelin Star always promote their earned or current Michelin Star status. Possessing a Michelin Star rating is a huge deal in the food and restaurant industry. The Michelin Guide is always updated; earning stars doesn’t mean they rollover year-after-year. You must maintain them. It’s not rare that a restaurant loses their stars if they don’t maintain the same required quality. Chef Gordon Ramsy’s restaurant “The London” lost its two-star rating in 2013. In Chef Ramsy’s own words,

I started crying when I lost my stars. It’s a very emotional thing for any chef. It’s like losing a girlfriend. You want her back.

How did the Michelin Star Guide come to fruition?

Michelin Star Guide


It’s not a joke! The Michelin brothers–the owners of the Michelin tire company–are the ones that brought the Restaurant Michelin Star guide to life. Why? Why would a tire company create a guide for restaurants and fine dining? Well, those brothers are pretty genius. The first Michelin Star guide came out in 1900 in France, during a time when there were fewer than 3,000 cars in France. The Michelin brothers created a cause (the guide) with the intended effect of an increase in the demand for cars thus leading to an increase in demand for tires. The idea was a genius business idea! The first guide was very useful, it included maps, hotels, places where people could change tires, gas stations, and restaurants as well. A few years later they published a guide for Belgium and then other countries in Europe. You can find a Michelin Guide for 24 countries across 4 continents. It is now in the US, but only in a few cities: New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. The Michelin Guide is coming to DC in October of this year. 


What do Michelin Stars represent?  

Michelin awards stars (one to three), but what do they really mean and what does each one entails for the restaurant holding this distinction?

★ One Star: If a restaurant earns or has a one star, it means that it’s a very good restaurant that offers a high standard cuisine. “A good place to stop by while on your journey.”

★★ Two Stars: If a restaurant earns or has two stars, it means that this restaurant has carefully crafted dishes and outstanding food quality. “This place is worth a detour while on your journey.”

★★★ Three Stars: If a restaurant earns or has three stars, it means that this restaurant provides exceptional cuisine and dining experience where distinctive dishes are executed using outstanding ingredients.

The majority of the restaurants in the Michelin Guide receive no stars at all. Generally, less than 5% of the restaurants in the guide are rated. The more stars you have the more prestigious.


Michelin Star Guide


Who are the Michelin Star Reviewers?

The “inspectors” as the Michelin Guide calls them are critics that rate restaurants. They are completely anonymous and aren’t allowed to speak to journalists. They are mostly chefs or former chefs and have extensive culinary arts experience. They all have to pass an official Michelin Guide training in France in order to be inspectors. They rate the restaurants based on the food quality, personality, consistency of the food, and the mastery of techniques. They also make multiple visits to the restaurant before making a decision. Click here to learn more about the other factors that are involved in the Michelin Star Guide ratings.


Michelin Star Guide


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