Mother’s Day Dinner Ideas: 5 Best Dinner Menus from Private Chef

Mother’s day is around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about how to show your gratitude to your mum. An ideal present for her would be to organize a mother’s day dinner from A to Z. Let her, enjoy the evening for once, and let her be the guest instead of worrying about the grocery shopping, the menu, the cooking, the setting…  Have a look at some of our Mother’s day dinner ideas to celebrate the day.

What you must be thinking right now is that you want to make the effort for your mum but you just don’t have the time or skills to make that dinner happen! ChefXChange has the solution for you: booking a Private Chef who does all the work for you. All you have to do is go to the website, choose from our selection of chefs and menus, and just be there to enjoy the dinner with your mum!

In order to narrow down your choices, ChefXChange has prepared a list of Mother’s day dinner ideas: 5 best dinner menus from a private chef.

Mother's day dinner ideas

Mother’s Day Dinner Ideas

Chef Yann – London

Amuse bouche

The lobster

Slow cooked lamb fillet

Le mille feuille

Petits fours

  • Amuse Bouche: Home Cured Salmon, Heritage Beetroots, Matcha Tea Sponge & Wasabi Creme Fraiche
  • Entree: The Lobster
  • Plats: Slow Cooked Lamb Fillet
  • Dessert: Le Mille Feuille
  • Petits Fours 

The first on our list of Mother’s Day menu ideas is a masterpiece from Chef Yann called “French Riviera”. This vibrant and seasonal 5-course menu paired with wine would be the perfect way to show your appreciation for your mum. You can get it for 4-20 people for 68 GBP per person.

Chef Enrico – Dubai

Warm seafood salad

Spaghetti carbonara

Cod in green pea veloute

Rice pudding

  • Warm Seafood Salad
  • Spaghetti Carbonara
  • Cod in green pea velouté
  • Rice Pudding 

If you’re in Dubai and feel like pampering your mum with an “Italian Twist”, you should definitely check out this menu. It consists of traditional Italian dishes with a hint of modern and international touches. Chef Enrico is a 5.0-star Italian chef who can provide you with an exclusive private chef experience. 
You can order this menu for 2-12 people for 300-500 AED per person.

Chef Ricardo – Dubai

  • Sea Trout
  • Cod and Truffle
  • Praline Eclair 

If you’re in Dubai, you can appease your mother with a surprise dinner straight “From the sea”. This sublime menu is satisfying for both your eyes and your taste-buds. Chef Ricardo offers this menu for 2-30 people for 400-500 AED per person.

Chef Dima – Beirut


Chillies en nogada

Mexican Beignets with Whiskey Crème Anglaise

  • Pozole (Mexican Corn, Avocado & Herbs Soup)
  • Chilies en Nogada (Green chilies filled with spiced meat with walnut sauce, pomegranate seed, rice & Beans)
  • Mexican Beignets with Whiskey Crème Anglaise 

If you wish to share an authentic Mexican experience with your mum, Chef Dima is the right person for the job.  She’s a passionate chef with a strong international background. You can have a taste and feel of Mexico with 6-30 people in Beirut for 65-70 USD per person. 

Chef Michael – London

Crispy polenta

Chicken confit Organic lemon tart

  • Crispy Polenta
  • Chicken Confi
  • Organic Lemon Tart 

Welcome this season with delicate and exquisite tastes brought to London for you and your mum by Chef Michael. This 3-course menu provides you with a taste of sunshine and freshness, exactly what your mum deserves! You can order this menu in London for 2-12 people for only 39 GBP per person. 

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