Mother’s Day Dinner Menu: 5 Loving Menu From Top Private Chefs

Mother’s day is approaching and whether your mom is a foodie or not, spoiling her with a dinner is the right move. Sometimes it’s hard to show our parents the love and gratitude for all they have done for us, that’s why mother’s and father’s day is a perfect opportunity to say ‘Thank you and I love you’ to our parents. Yes, we should show them how much we appreciate them every day, but we all know that after moving out of the house it can be a little tricky to spend as much time with our moms and dads as we would have wished to. Hence on this special day let’s treat our moms to something exceptional. We have prepared 5 mouth watering mother’s day dinner menu ideas, that will help you prepare the loveliest evening for you and your mom. 

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Mother's Day Dinner Menu: 5 Loving Menu From Top Private Chefs

If your mom lives in a different city it may be a good idea to prepare a whole adventurous day for her. Either get her a ticket for a train and ask her to come and visit you or surprise her by showing up in the morning at your family house. You can treat your mom to a beauty day or take her to the cinema. The dinner will be a cherry on top of an amazing day

Mother’s day dinner menu: 5 loving menu from top private chefs

1. Cheesy Italian

Italian mother's day dinner menu

Starter: Asparagus and parmesan salad 

Main: Spinach and ricotta ravioli 

Dessert: Tiramisu

A little bit of a cheat day with what Italians do best: carbs and cheese! This mother’s day dinner menu idea will find a special place in your and your mom’s heart. Parmesan will give the asparagus fragrance and spice, ricotta and spinach were made for each other and mascarpone makes every piece of a tiramisu the smoothest and creamiest dessert. 

2. Summer vibes

Dinner menu with chicken

Starter: Antipasti platter 

Main: Zesty braised chicken with lemon and capers

Dessert: Chocolate and raspberry cake

This lovely mother’s day dinner menu combines sour lemon and capers with the crispiness of chicken. Choose your favorite antipasti as a starter, regardless if its hummus and carrots or marinated olives… or all of the above! Balance the heavier chocolate cake with fresh raspberries.

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3. Delicious classics

Traditional Dinner Menu

Starter: Classic Cesar salad

Main: Rump of lamb with a rich lamb jus

Dessert: American style blueberry crumble 

This classic mother’s day dinner menu will be a treat for every mom! Scrumptious Cesar salad and a juicy lamb will be a great background to an amazing evening that you will have together. To fully enjoy this evening, ask out Chef Darius to take care of the cooking, while you spend quality time together. 

4. Farmers market

Steak dinner menu 

Starter: Pumpkin soup

Main: Beef steak with red wine sauce on roasted carrots and parsnips

Dessert: Red velvet cake

This mother’s day dinner menu idea will be especially nice if you are celebrating on a cooler day. Fresh ingredients from the market will make the soup lovely. Spice it up with some chilli and cinnamon and add a  splash of sour cream on top. 

5. Mediterranian tastes

Paella dinner menu

Starter: Roasted eggplant stuffed with goat cheese 

Main: Paella

Dessert: Raspberry sorbet

If your mom loves seafood, treat her to a paella filled with prawns, clams, and mussels. Bring a bottle of a nice white wine with you and you are all set for dinner. After the richer main course, you will love the lighter dessert. 

Have you never made a paella? The time spend in the kitchen will pay off with this great paella recipe!  

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