Mother’s Day Lunch Ideas: 5 Best lunch Meals From Top Private Chefs

It is only right that on Mother’s Day you treat your mom to something delicious to celebrate. It doesn’t mean that you have to go out of your way and plan a super expensive lunch out in the city. Your mom will be more thrilled if you visit her at home and treat her to an amazing homemade meal. We have some lovely Mother’s Day lunch ideas that you and your mom will love!

Mother's Day Lunch Ideas: 5 Best lunch Meals From Top Private Chefs

Are you a little worried that your home cooking will not beat your mom’s homemade food? Yes, of course, you can be stressed, but there is no merit to it. My mom is an absolute master in the kitchen and even though I love cooking, my skills are nowhere near my mom’s artisanry. Nevertheless, whenever I come home for holidays and prepare meals for my parents they love it. It’s not at all about who is better or worse but it is all about the gesture and the effort. Your mom will love the food and the thought you have put into it.

For this Mother’s Day special lunch I recommend to go a bit lighter on the meal – it is still lunch, but treat yourself to some dessert instead of a heavier meal. A little bit of sweetness is necessary for a relaxed afternoon!

Mother’s Day Lunch Ideas: 5 Best lunch Meals From Top Private Chefs

Healthy classics

Healthy lunch

Main Course: BLT salad 

Dessert: Raspberry parfait

For this Mothers day lunch idea try out a BLT in the form of a salad instead of a sandwich. It’s a lighter alternative to a classic that we all love to pieces. Go for a berry parfait for a dessert. You can choose any of your favorite berries, whether it’s strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or maybe a mix of everything. You can make a heavier more cream based parfait but we recommend to keep it lean this time and go for a yogurt version!

Greek lunch 

Greek lunch

Main Course: Cod baked with potatoes, lemons, olives, and feta

Dessert: Baklava 

If you are both craving a holiday feeling, why not head on a little trip to sunny Greece? Enjoy a baked cod fillet in a greek style marinade. Add more baked veggies if you want. A sprinkle of feta on the top of this beautiful baked meal will add something extra special. As a snack after lunch try baklava. This lovely, honey-golden dessert will fit perfectly with some coffee and tea after lunch making it a mother’s day special lunch.

European Mix 

European mix lunch

Main Course: Grilled shrimps with melon salad

Dessert: Moist sticky date pudding

Try a mixing fruit with savory shrimps from our Chef Samih. Call us up for help if cooking is simply not your forte. Samih will prepare a delicious lunch for you and your mom while you relax and catch up! And the dessert is to die for.

Italian days

  Italian lunch

Main Course: Pesto gnocchi

Dessert: Panna cotta

Italian is one of most beloved cuisines, so if you are not sure what your mom would feel like having, go for this safe option. Pesto is a lovely alternative to creamy sauces and gnocchi are a bit more unusual than pasta. Try a panna cotta for dessert. You can go with so many delicious variations of this dessert, there are almost no limitations in your creativity. Try caramel or strawberries or perhaps passion fruit? 

American flavors 

American lunch

Main Course: Spicy Louisiana chicken wings

Dessert: New York Cheesecake 

We end our mother’s day lunch ideas with something that every melancholic road trip lover will appreciate, it is a trip from south to north of American flavors. Try some spicy chicken wings straight from flavorsome Louisiana and follow up with delicate and creamy cheesecake. 

If you are looking for some more ideas on how you can celebrate Mother’s day this year have a look at our article about Mother’s Day Dinner Menu: 5 Loving Menus From Top Chefs. Check out what our Private Chefs have been up to lately for more inspiration on amazing culinary experiences.