Mother’s Day Menu for Lunch: 5 Best Lunch Ideas For Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and it is the time to start thinking of what special treat you have in store for your beloved mother. Although a gift is a suitable present for a mum, this does not save them from a day of cooking. The best present a mum could receive is a day off. A day where they do not have to worry about cooking lunch or dinner and instead just relax and enjoy good food.  Lunch is the perfect outing as it sets the tone for the rest of the day. If this was not your original plan and you are short of great lunch ideas for mother day, no need to panic. Here are 5 Mother’s day menu for lunch ideas for Mother’s Day celebration.

Mother's Day Menu for Lunch: 5 Best Lunch Ideas For Mother's Day Celebration

Mother’s day menu for lunch

Chef Yanikie – New York

If your mum is a fan of fresh island flavours, fresh vegetables, and nicely grilled meat. Chef Yanikie has got just the right menu to bring the Caribbean island into your home.

Piled High Beef

Piled High Beef

Using the best cut of beef fillet, this dish is visually appealing and more satisfying to your stomach. Treat your mum to an awe-inspiring lunch with this menu. The beef fillet is grilled to perfection, it is gentle and crispy on the outside but soft and tender on the inside. It is topped with crunchy leeks and served with a choice of vegetable or grain. If you know your mum is on a healthy diet, why not chose vegetables? It shows your thoughtfulness but at the same time, it still compliments the beef brilliantly.

Chef Amro – Dubai

If you are based in Dubai and looking for a special mothers day meal that is rich in Arabian flavours, this is the perfect dish for you.

Lentil soup

Lentil soup

This dish is not too heavy and not too light making it the perfect lunch menu this mother’s day.  Consisting of a great combination of red lentil and aromatic vegetables, this dish will do the perfect job of setting the tone for your mother this Mother’s Day. It is warm, soothing and simply enjoyable to eat. Served alongside crispy Arabic bread and lemon wedges, your mum will be ready for a great day relaxing after eating this treat for lunch.

Chef Damian – France

If you would like to go all out this Mother’s Day and treat your mum to a special lunch meal, how about a modern high-class cuisine?

Pan Roasted Pigeon

 Pan roasted pigeon breast

This meal is guaranteed to leave your mother feeling like a queen. It is the perfect treat this Mother’s Day if fine dining is what you are after. Just read and taste what it consists of, Pan-roasted pigeon breast on truffle spring cassoulet with confit, pigeon leg, wild asparagus, groseille jelly and truffle shavings. This dish has got a mixture of everything that screams Mother’s Day. It is chocolate and luxury at its finest.

Chef Fabrizio – Italy

Rather than spending money on wine, why not treat your mum to a wine infused lunch this Mother’s day.



Peposo is a historic Tuscan dish, this makes it that more special to have on Mother’s Day. It consists of Chianina beef cooked with Chianti wine and aromatic herbs. What makes it exquisite is that is served with potato and black truffle flan and polenta tidbits. The flavour of this dish is immense and amazing. It is mouthwatering and succulent. A treat that your mother will never forget.

Chef Danial – London

Mothers tend to use the best ingredients to provide their children with healthy meals. Therefore, why not show them you have learned a thing or two from them over the years. Treat them to a meal that only consists of home-grown, homemade and organic ingredients that will bring her a healthy but tasting meal.

Chicken Breast, Asparagus, Spinach, and ham

Chicken Breast, Asparagus, Spinach, and ham

Using a fresh selection of vegetable and herbs, this Chicken breast is stuffed with spinach Iberico ham, green asparagus, thyme and home-grown rainbow chard. There is no better way to spend mother’s day than having this meal made for champions for lunch. It is healthy and filling at the same time, what more can a mother ask for?

If an intimate meal at home with your mum and family is what you are after, making one of these lunch ideas a reality is a great idea. Hiring a Private Chef will add to the occasion and make your mom feel special and pampered. Simply choose Private chefs as your experience, your city and the desired date (Mother’s day).

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