Real Difference Between – Mozzarella vs Burrata: Not What You Think!

Mozzarella and burrata are in many ways similar yet the difference between them is pronounced. We are going to explore these types of cheese with traditions stemming from southern Italy.

Real Difference Between Mozzarella And Burrata

First things first, mozzarella vs burrata

Mozzarella’s origins come from the south of Italy. It is a cheese in the pulled curd category, or pasta filata. Mozzarella is commonly made from the cow’s milk which is an easier way to approach it. However, it is mozzarella made from water buffalo’s milk, or mozzarella di buffala, that brings this soft cheese to the delicate and more expensive level. The latter is also harder to find.

Fresh mozzarella is delectable with a profound milky touch. This semi-soft cheese also has an elastic texture, more elastic than Italy’s economy. When compared to other types of cheese, mozzarella is consumed right after it has been made, and is not intended to be aged. Not only is it globally accessible to buy but you can simply make it at home. Else, you can have one of our ChefXchange chefs prepare if for you.

Burrata means “buttered” in Italian foreshadowing the taste of such a wonderful cheese. This fresh cheese is the product of mozzarella and cream. Burrata bears a resemblance to mozzarella but the true distinction and essence are hidden inside the cheese. So yes, burrata is made from mozzarella but it doesn’t make it mozzarella. It deserves its own name, and for a good reason.

The outer curd of burrata is made from fresh and solid mozzarella. It is then shaped in the form of an empty pouch filled with a soft curd coupled with cream. The taste is milky with a noticeable buttery flavour. Burrata is usually sold in specialised cheese shops and Italian markets.Mozzarella vs burrata

Storing mozzarella and burrata cheese

Since mozzarella is a high moisture cheese, it is recommended to have it served sooner rather than later. However, it can be stored in cool salty water for a week. The cheese is a cornerstone of a pizza and is a perfect addition to cold foods, sandwiches, pasta dishes and salads. Its usage is incredibly widespread.

Burrata is normally served at a room temperature and within two days of its purchase. Going beyond the two-day period, burrata might lose its beauty and amazing taste while still perfectly edible. Burrata is indispensable when it comes to salads and blends well with crusty bread. Priceless we say, especially the inside magic of burrata when sliced. The creamy part leaks out exposing you to eternal indulgence.

When to use mozzarella or burrata

The question of what is better is entirely up to you. Both cheeses are definitely savoury. We recommend you to go for mozzarella if you want to attain the melting effect of the cheese that you would enjoy with dishes such as pizza. Burrata, however, is amazing on its own. Open up a bottle of wine, split burrata open and get lost in its creamy taste.Mozzarella vs burrata

Let us know in the comments section below how you prefer eating these wonderful types of cheese. You might also want to read about the Sublime Truffle Story which will immerse you in the wonderland of truffles.