New on our map: Private Chefs in Chicago

Chicago: the Windy City and the home to some of the best restaurants in the America. It should come as no surprise that we are welcoming the city with open arms into our ChefXChange fold! We introduce to you, our pioneering talent, Chef Austin, CEC, CCE, PCEC. 

private chef Austin in chicago


Meet Chef Austin. Though quite young by industry standards, he brings an impressive list of achievements and experience to the table. He and his award-winning team put Chicago on our map and you’ll be thankful they did! 

Fitaki Greek Salad

Fitaki Greek Salad


We had a chance to chat with Chef Austin about his industry experience and where he sees the industry heading. Without further ado, thoughts of a private chef in Chicago:


What growing trends have you noticed in the personal/private chef industry?

We have seen a growing popularity in interactive dinners that provide the client with cooking and/or food education rather than simply eating a chef-prepared dinner. Live-action stations are also popular, allowing client and chef interaction with an up-close and personal view. 


What do you predict for the industry in the next year or so?

We are seeing more health-conscious requests, including non-gluten and non-dairy. Guests are interested in eating more sustainably and paying attention to the carbon footprint of where their food comes from. Through this, our private cooking classes focusing on healthy eating, raw diets, juices, health-conscious and fusion cuisine have continued to grow. 

Why do you think there has been a rise in the utilization of private chefs?

We believe that saturation and competition in the restaurant market, along with the ability to bring fine dining into the private home have helped to increase the private chef business. Also contributing are companies like ChefXChange who provide an easy to use client-to-chef interface that allows us to create customized events within the client’s vision and requirements.

Being a private chef requires certain skill sets that may not be essential while working a BOH job. Could you elaborate a bit on this? 

Customer interaction is much more emphasized in a private setting. You are constantly on display and maintaining an impeccably clean workspace is of the utmost importance. Conversing with guests while executing high level food service is much different than being in “the back of house” or traditional kitchen.
Chicagoans! Here’s your chance to Book Chef Austin. You can engage with a talented, passionate, highly skilled private chef in the comfort of your own kitchen! Chef Austin and his team are ready and waiting for you.