Obesity Raise in the UAE

We have seen an obesity raise in the UAE this year with nearly 50% of residents touched by this disease and the average UAE residents are considered overweight. How to prevent and fight against this social issue that can affect your health dramatically?

Not only  we register an obesity raise in the UAE but we can see that children are affected as well: 40% of kids between 11-16 are considered overweight. The culture of take-away and junk-food is implemented into many houses and children to start with do not eat home-cooked meals every day, and get used to eating outside, without knowing how to eat healthily. You can find some tips about adopting healthier lifestyle and cooking in the UAE in our blog post here.

Trying to educate people from an early age to eat a home-made meal is the most important step to avoid obesity. Preparing and eating food at home introduces a balance, strong habits for a lifetime way of seeing food. Our Chefs can customize healthy yet delicious menus to enjoy at home and start a new way of eating.

Do you think that fast-food and take-aways at an early stage can affect obesity? How would you approach the issue and what type of meals would you recommend to avoid obesity?