Private Chef to Hire for Your Office Pizza Friday

Every office has its own culture and traditions and for a lot of offices socializing with Coworkers revolves around food. Food is an amazing way to bond especially in a new department or a new project team.  That is why it’s a great idea to get together around a table. An odd lunch or dinner here and there is fun, but there is something that a lot of offices do on a weekly or monthly basis, and that is an office pizza Friday! It is not difficult to guess why. Pizza is a great food to share and it is something that almost everyone loves. If you have already explored all the pizza delivery options in the area or if you are just looking for a new pizza experience try an office pizza Friday with a private chef!

Private Chef to Hire for Your Office Pizza FridayPrivate Chef to Hire for Your Office Pizza Friday

Chef Fabio – London

Chef Fabio is a true Italian Chef with a passion for food, great ingredients and pizza of course. You can order a complete catering service with chef Fabio and not only get Pizza delivered to your door but also some other delicious dishes like risotto or pasta.  If you feel more creative you can also organize a pizza making class with Chef Fabio and learn how to make a genuine Neapolitan pizza. Pizza making

Chef Francesca – Dubai

Chef Francesca is a specialist when it comes to everything Italian and having a delicious pizza feast prepared by her would be a treat. Make sure that you request her signature tiramisu as well, it is delicious!


Chef Gege – Beirut

If you are based in Beirut, Chef Gege will be a great choice for your office pizza Friday. Request your favorite toppings and observe how a true chef prepares his pizza. 


Chef Bill – Washington DC

If you are based in Washington DC Chef Bill is the right person to hire to prepare a lovely pizza party. 


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