Our Favourite 8 Famous Chef Quotes

Some chefs can be quite quiet, others can be very loud (Gordon Ramsay comes to mind).  What they all have in common is that they can be pretty inspirational, especially when you think about the tough training they go through and the intense work environment.  We put together our favourite famous chef quotes and threw in a few from our own Private Chefs too, see if you see your favourite Chef.

8 Inspiring And Famous Chef Quotes

1: Julia Child

Chef Julia Child quote

2: Private Chef Francesco (London)

Chef Francesco quote

3: Gordon Ramsay

Chef Gordon Ramsey quote

4: Private Chef Carlo (Dubai)

Chef Carlo quote

5: Paul Bocuse

Chef Paul Bocuse quote

6: Wolfgang Puck

Chef Wolfgang Puck quote

6: Jacques Pepin

Chef Jacques Pepin quote

7: Marcus Samuelsson

Chef Marcus Samuelsson Quote

8: Private Chef Darius (London)

Chef Darius Quote


If this has got you inspired to learn more about Private Chefs lives then read our interviews with Chef Andrea, Chef Daniel and Chef Karla.  If you want to speak to one personally then take a look here.

Let us know your favourite quotes below.