Our UKLTH Phase 2 Accelerator Journey

We were delighted to be accepted into the first phase of the UK Lebanon Tech Hub (UKLTH) Accelerator Program back in July, then in September we heard we had progressed to the second stage in London; we were ecstatic, to say the least!

This cycle, the UKLTH Accelerator teamed up with Accelerator Academy to train us on 10 core business principles to make our business plan sound!  From proposition to market research, differentiation, marketing, product development, CRM, HR, finance and finally presentation.  The team has challenged and helped us progress in all aspects. The main aim of the accelerator is to develop and nurture our skills as well as opening doors and building bridges.  

We are especially delighted to have been introduced to Apollo, who has managed to get us on 2 Radio shows–thank you, Debbie! Take a look at the short video from the guys on the first cycle, last year (the one featuring ChefXChange will be published in a few weeks) :



And this phase of the accelerator has a special honorary member, Princess the Cat, who’s home is Innovation Warehouse.

 And these are the start-ups joining us on the second phase:

If all this reading has got you hungry, then browse our Private Chefs here.