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ChefXchange in Dubai

ChefXChange in Dubai – Cook off at The Impact Hub

ChefXChange hosted it's first Chef cook off event in Dubai at The Impact Hub, with over 80 Foodies and 5 Chefs partaking in it.

ChefXchange BBQ at home

Want to host a BBQ at home but can’t handle one. Get your own Chef…

BBQ made easy and hassle free thanks to your own ChefXChange Private Chef

Local Chef

ChefXChange’s inaugural event in Geneva

ChefXChange's inaugural event in Geneva was hosted by co-founder Karl and Chef Sami who joined ChefXChange to be able to cater to people in their homes.

DIGEATALL Accelerator

ChefXChange finishes 2nd at DIGEATALL Accelerator

The team at ChefXchange recently completed the 5 weeks DIGEATALL accelerator program at the Basque Culinary Center in San Sebastian in Spain...

First Event with Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz from Mugaritz

Nothing goes together quite like food, friends and song and our friends at Mugaritz proved this during ChefXchange’s Premier event...

Chefxchange Food & Tech Startup

ChefXChange gets selected for DIGEATALL Incubator

The launch of the DIG EAT ALL Fast Track Acceleration Program was announced in San Sebastian, Spain. DIG EAT ALL...