Passion Fish Bethesda Mock Service Experience

We at ChefXchange love all things food. We’ve found that there is a nice balance to be struck between cooking at home, eating out and enjoying a private ChefXchange chef in the comfort of your own home or desired venue. We enjoy all three! Here’s a look into our mock service experience at Passion Fish Bethesda.

Passion Fish Bethesda is one of the many restaurants beneath the “Passion Food, LLC” umbrella—brainchild of owners Chef Jeff Tunks, David Wizenberg and Gus DiMillo. Passion Fish, true to it’s namesake, has a menu chock-full of seafood creations and 5+ catches of the day.

Passion Fish Bethesda

Wall Art at Passion Fish Bethesda


We started out with the iced jumbo prawns and the crab + shrimp spring rolls.

Passion Fish Bethesda Mock Opening

Iced Jumbo Prawns

Followed by entrees of Chinese-style smoked lobster, whole crispy flounder and the crab cakes. We also gave the brussel sprouts side dish a try!

Passion Fish Bethesda

Whole Crispy Flounder

The whole crispy flounder was the table favorite. We were reminded by several people not to forget that there is another side of the fish. Waste not!

We rounded out our dining experience with doughnut holes served with traditional Bavarian cream flavored with coffee and the chocolate mousse bomb.

Passion Fish Bethesda

Doughnut Holes


As stated in our last mock service post, mock service openings are to work out service kinks prior to opening to the public. One thing that we can really say about our service experience at Passion Fish is that the service staff were very attentive. We were impressed by the attention to mise en place, in particular.


Passion Fish is a huge restaurant, but you don’t notice the size when you are seated in one of its many dining areas. The interior of the restaurant is very fresh, no pun intended. I actually went back after the mock opening; the first day the restaurant was opened to the public and sat at the bar. The bar staff were excellent and knowledgeable about the wine list (my primary beverage interest that evening). I tried “the Rock” (makizushi) and the salmon “Catch of the Day.”

We truly enjoyed our experience at Passion Fish Bethesda. Welcome to the neighborhood!

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