Personal Chefs’ Take on Superfoods

With more people becoming health-oriented and knowledgeable about nutritious food, superfoods have come to be a trending spotlight. But few actually know how to cook with ingredients high in antioxidants and other health-boosting goodness.

The superfood range on the market varies from traditional ones such as salmon, broccoli or beans to less conventional superfruits from chia seeds, jerusalem artichoke to amaranth or sea buckthorn. It is of no surprise that people get confused with an endless list of superfoods, and more so, are lost in how to properly use them in their cooking experiments. Luckily, chefs know how to implement healthy and nutritious ingredients into their menus, satisfying the needs of a more health-concerned audience with picky taste buds.

Superfood integration is a great way for chefs to showcase their appetite to modernise, yet stay true to their own style without going too deep into chemistry. With that in mind, food aficionados prefer to have a true culinary experience coupled with health benefits on a plate.

Superfood blueberries


Easy ways to add superfoods into your daily diet

Incorporating superfoods into your recipes might sound like a good idea but it is a real challenge to tackle. Oftentimes, highly nutritious ingredients are balanced with less appealing taste, and only an accomplished chef knows how to mingle them into their ambiance. One way to do it is to create a menu around superfoods. Or simply enhance your dish with wholesome ingredients such as goji berries, chia or hemp seeds which blend well and are easy to work with. Other superfoods are harder to implement and require more sophistication and education, especially on the side of a gourmet. Some chefs enlist the ingredients in the menu describing what the main health benefits are, which dishes include them and how they are used in the preparation of the meal.

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It’s been touted that scorpions, grasshoppers and ants are the next superfoods to watch out for. As it turns out, ants are loaded with proteins and have a low environmental footprint. What chefs are aiming at, is to provide gourmet with a well-known taste that is described as earthy and nutty. Not bad so long as you can get over the fact that you’d be eating insects. At the end of the day, it all comes down to educating consumers who’d potentially perceive these trends positively once they learn the benefits and sustainability aspects tied to less resource usage (think livestock farming). Imagine scorpions served in a taco with delicious salsa. Yummy! While you are digesting it switch gears for a while and prepare yourself a pomegranate, ginger and lime flavoured water. You guessed it – we are still on the superfood page.

Superfood powder

So what are we dealing with here? Diners are interested in healthy food, and superfoods, perceived as exotic and trendy, are at the forefront of it. It is the right time for chefs to extend their talents towards nutritious food and long for experimenting to balance the right flavour. At the same time, diners are daunted by consuming superfoods at home, and that is when the right call comes.

Lamb with jerusalem artichoke

Lamb with Jerusalem artichoke by our Private Chefs Aaron and Remi

If you’re still struggling incorporating superfoods into your diet why not get Aaron and Remi to teach you how to cook with superfoods, they make an amazing lamb with Jerusalem artichoke.

Do you cook with any superfoods?  Let us know what you make in the comments below.