Pizza Crust Substitutes

After Cloud Bread, we bring to you our dieters and gluten-free friends a recipe for the world’s most comfy comfort food, in my humble opinion of course: pizza.  Now don’t say this in front of an Italian grandma but you can make pizza dough out of almost any vegetable. Well not any vegetable, so let’s take a look at what types of veggies we can use instead of regular pizza dough. We’re also going to look into an equally carb heavy pizza that you can make in a time crunch.

Cauliflower Crust

cauliflower crust pizza

Cauliflower crust pizza

Probably the most popular of the gluten-free options for pizza dough. The cauliflower crust is a favourite among the gluten-free community. The cauliflower is shredded in a food processor and added to cheese and eggs in order to combine. Some seasonings are added and the dough is baked. The crust is thin and crispy.

Zucchini Crust

Zuchinni pizza crust

Zucchini pizza crust

Just like the cauliflower crust, this recipe uses cheese in the dough. It also incorporates some flour so it’s low in fat, but not quite carb-free; however you can replace the flour with almond flour. The trick to getting a crispy crust is to use a pre-heated pizza stone.

Spinach Crust

Spinach pizza crust

Spinach pizza crust

If only Popeye could taste this spinach crust, I’m sure it would be his favorite. Spinach is classified as a super food due to its many health benefits; adding it to a pizza should balance out the unhealthy parts of a pizza. This low-carb pizza is definitely a must try.

Parsnip Crust

Parsnip pizza crust

Parsnip pizza crust

The parsnip crust is a variation of the cauliflower crust and it’s really easy to make. With only four ingredients, you’ll want to make this low-carb golden crusted pizza every Friday night!

Lebanese Crust

This one is not gluten-free, nor is it a low fat recipe. But since our post today is about pizza dough substitutes, I had to include this one. I am Lebanese and I am sure that some of you, maybe not all of you, will recognize this creation. Our mom’s invention: burger buns replaces the dough, ketchup in place of the sauce and just cheese on top. Delicious and fast!

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