Plat du jour Beirut: 5 Best Mama’s Tabkha To Try

Have you heard of Mama’s Tabkha? If not, then you’re definitely missing out on a delightful, homey and healthy Lebanese Plat du Jour in Beirut prepared by ChefXChange‘s Mamas and Chefs. Mama’s Tabkha is a weekly meal delivery service delivered every Monday to your doorstep in Beirut and greater Beirut.

Every week, you get to experience a new menu with your choice of 6 meals.  We provide you with a selection of vegetarian dishes along with dishes containing meat, fish and chicken. Last but not least, our cooks surprise you with their choice of delicious salads and desserts which have become popular among our foodies!

You must be thinking, this service seems too good to be true, it must be really expensive. But here’s where you’re wrong.  You can get this Plat du Jour in Beirut for only 10$ per meal!

Furthermore, let’s not forget to reduce, reuse and recycle! You can reuse our packaging, and if you prefer not to do so, we highly encourage you to respect our environment by sorting your trash. Once you order your meals, we will provide you with the contact details of NGOs dealing with recycling in Lebanon.

Plat du jour Beirut: 5 Best Mama's Tabkha To Try

Plat du jour Beirut: 5 Best Mama’s Tabkha To Try

In order to get a feel of our meal delivery service, allow us to introduce you to the 5 most popular Mama’s Tabkha to try. Beware, your mouth may start watering!

The Lebanese Moghrabieh

The Lebanese Moghrabieh

For those of you who are not familiar with this Lebanese dish, it’s a mouthwatering combination of Lebanese couscous with dough pearls, chickpeas and chicken. It is a perfect combination of fiber, protein and carbs with a total of about 230 calories per box. 

Shrimp Kabsa

shrimp kabsa

One of our most popular Plat du Jours in Beirut is the shrimp kabsa. This dish is shrimp served with a mix of rice, bell peppers, vegetables and spices. The fragrant spices that this dish contains, will certainly satisfy your craving for Middle Eastern flavor.

Loubieh bi Zeit

loubieh bi zeit

Loubieh Bi Zeit is a typical Lebanese mezze made up of green beans cooked with onion and garlic cloves in tomato sauce. Our Mamas cook this vegetarian meal to perfection, it will provide you with the homey feel you’ve been looking for.

Daoud Basha

Daoud Basha

Another top ranked meal in our Beirut meal delivery service is Lebanese meatballs. This dish, served with rice is also known as Daoud Basha. Meatballs are always a family favorite and they’re great for a mid-week treat.  

Mehsheh Malfouf

mehsheh malfouf

These stuffed cabbage rolls with meat and rice are as satisfying to your taste buds as their are to your eyes. They are perfectly complemented by yogurt on the side or on top. They are also one of our foodies’ favorite meals, we can definitely see why!

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