Our Delightful Potluck Event with ChefXChange Chefs in Dubai

Going back to the roots, the ChefXChange team had the pleasure of spending a week in Dubai, where we started our Culinary Revolution nearly 3 years ago. Not to get sentimental, but it was great to see how many chefs we have reached since then. To celebrate that, we have arranged a potluck event because what better way to meet then around delicious food. It was a chance to immerse ourselves in the culinary scene of Dubai in an unusual way as well as try some absolutely delicious food made by our own and only Chef Community!

potluck event plate

Our Delightful Potluck Event with ChefXChange Chefs in Dubai

This post should come with a warning! Because you’re about to get seriously hungry from looking at what our Dubai chefs have prepared. Not to worry. You can get the royal treatment as well by booking the chefs for your event!

Chef Amro

Chef Amro is a master at making delicious meat and Lebanese dishes.

Chef Amro’s culinary journey

“My mom taught me to cook when I was 7 years old and I started my culinary career at 14. I had gastronomical training, Currently I am International judge in WACS ( World Association of Chefs Societies )”

Beef ribs

Chef Andrea

If you are looking for a beautiful Italian or Mediterranean dinner, you need to get in touch with Chef Andrea.

Chef Andrea’s culinary journey 

“My mom was working and never loved cooking, so as I was around 8 I learnt how to cook something better than a grilled chicken breast. I learnt from friends, books, and chefs… A friend let me join him as a sous-chef in a small restaurant in Genoa for a while, giving me the basic rules about how to cook for others and not just for myself. After that experience, while I was continuing my career in music industry I started cooking as a private chef in my free time. Coming to Dubai I had to learn how to get the best out of the different ingredients available and I’ve been influenced by some talented chefs I met around.”

Spinach pastry

Chef Eve

Chef Eve is a great choice if you are looking for authentic Asian cuisine.

Chef Eve’s culinary journey 

“I grew up spending a lot of time in my grandma’s kitchen, helping around in over-sized clogs since I was a child. And as I grew older, I have found myself developing a great passion in food, be it eating or cooking! I love to host, so I always have family and friends over for a sumptuous feast.”

Chinese Pork belly

Chef Francesca

Chef Francesca specialty is Italian dishes. She is a great personal chef but she can also help you learn how to cook. And you need to try the tiramisu!

Chef Francesca’s culinary journey 

“I am from Piemonte, Italy. I love to cook and not only for friends but for people who love our traditional food. I learned all what I know from my grandmother. I liked watching her preparing some delicious lunch for our family on Sundays.”



Chef Hiba

Chef Hiba can create lovely Indian dishes for you or if you prefer European food with an Indian twist.

Chef Hiba’s culinary journey 

“Baking is a hobby I turned into a profession. I learnt by trying, experimenting and Learning from errors. I love to engage people in the cooking process and learning and inspiring one another and finally eating all the lovely food we prepare together.”

Malarab Dum Biriyani

Chef Megha

Chef Megha is a great choice if you are looking for a lovely Indian curry.

Chef Megha’s culinary journey

“I am more of a trial and error kind of chef who has keen eye for detail. Growing up, the only hobby I had other than playing cricket with my brothers was cooking and watching Khana Khazana (a famous Indian cooking show) on TV. I continually draw inspiration from my Grandmother, mum, and close peers. If I eat a dish that’s delicious, I always make it a point to ask them for the recipe and recreate it in my own kitchen, sometimes improvising by giving it a ‘Megha-twist’.”

Butter chicken

Chef Omar

Chef Omar specializes in traditional Lebanese food.

Chef Omar’s culinary journey 

“It was definitely thanks to the women in my life, especially my mother who encouraged me to join the culinary school at the age of 16. Upon graduation, I joined SummerLand Hotel in Lebanon as a kitchen helper and then climbed the ranks to where I am today as Corporate Executive Chef at Al Safadi Group of Restaurants.”

Warak Enab, Koussa mehche Kebe

Chef Shane

If you are looking for a creative Asian fusion or an amazing BBQ, Chef Shane is your man!

Chef Shane’s culinary journey 

“I am a self taught Chef from South Africa who has spent the last half decade working for a private catering company in Dubai and growing a questionable beard. Being a South African I like my meat, and specializes in barbeque, smoking, and grilling techniques. I have also spent a lot of time in Asia, and bring a bit of oriental flair into many of his recipes. Although I have learnt a lot along the way much has to be said from what I have learnt from my mother, she was the one who sent me on my culinary journey!”

Lemon flan

Chef Sheelu

Chef Sheelu is your chef if you need a special cake for any occasion. They look amazing and taste even better!

Chef Sheelu’s culinary journey 

“I learned cooking from my Mom, Grandmom etc…Being very interested in cooking and baking tried not to miss any opportunity to watch and learn . My passion in baking led to me to take a complete learning from Wilton and a Masters Certificate from PME institute London.”

CXC Chef Cake

Chef Zendy

Chef Zendy crates beautiful, organic food that is influenced by Asian cuisine with a signature influences from Australia.

Chef Zendy’s culinary journey 

“I am a Home Chef. My biggest passion in life has always been cooking and sharing food with friends – which I have been doing for more than 20 years. I grew up in Indonesia – the “Spice Islands” – where I learnt to cook with fresh ingredients straight from the market – and lots of herbs & spices. After schooling- I studied International cooking for 3 years and worked in a restaurant for a short time. I then moved to Hong Kong for 12 years – with lots of travelling & discovering many other types of Asian food. With a Western husband – I also kept up my passion for International flavors. I am a perfectionist in the kitchen and I won’t stop developing a recipe until I am fully satisfied. “

Kangaroo Randang

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