Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings Revealed

Pro-tip for dads to be:
When your wife is pregnant, don’t eat the last…ANYTHING!

It’s true. When a pregnant woman is hungry and craving, stay out of her way. I repeat. Abort mission and leave her eat in peace. Most pregnant women crave food they haven’t even thought about before the pregnancy. Which makes it all quite entertaining for her to realize she wants food she never thought she would even consider before.There are the typical pregnancy cravings of pickles and cake. But what about those other weird and random cravings that don’t necessarily constitute food in the first place, or better known as pica? We have a list of some of the most bizarre pregnancy cravings told by the women themselves! After going through the list, tell us which one you find the craziest!

  1. Paper clips. Yes, you read correctly. Some women have craved those beautifully colored paper clips. Even the uglier metallic ones!
  2. Toilet paper. Because you know, who doesn’t love some good old toilet paper?
  3. Bubbles. I think this one is quite cute actually. Having some bubbles topped on that adorable rubber ducky in the shower? Why not?bubbles
  4. Rubber. Yes, rubber–rubber bands, rubber shoes, rubber erasers. You name it, they want it!
  5. Sponge. They probably got hungry while taking a shower or doing the dishes. Makes sense.
  6. Lighters. This one was quite difficult to actually get and eat. But it was a craving for a long time!
  7. Dry teabags. Not the tea itself, just the bag!
  8. Chalk. And the color actually matters!Chalk
  9. A smell. Some pregnant women actually craved a smell. The smell of shampoo in the bath, the smell of benzene at a gas station, the smell of paint, you name it!
  10. Soap. I can’t blame women for craving those fruity scented soaps, or the ones that are carved into the shape of something delicious! Can you?

The list of weird pregnancy cravings can go on and on including but not limited to mud, toothpaste, ice, coal, and cake mix. If you are or were pregnant, share with us some of your pregnancy cravings. We would love to hear them out and add to our list!

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