Private Chef Amro Reveals his Culinary Secrets in Our Interview

This week we’re interviewing Private Chef Amro, one of our wonderful Chefs in Dubai and we’re quite excited to learn more about his cooking style and experience. 

Professional Chef Amro is available in Dubai, his range of cuisines include; European, Asian and BBQ. Chef Amro creates fusion dishes where he mixes different cuisines together. We love Chef Amro because he provides healthy alternatives too, for those watching their weight.  Our personal favourite is his BBQ dinner menu, not only because it’s the BBQ season but because of the great selection of salads, meats and drinks.


What’s in your fridge right now?

Beef steaks, duck, pumpkin, fresh herbs, sweet potatoes, and fresh berries.

Who cooks at home?

Three people who are I, me and myself hahaha.

Where is your favorite place to eat in your current city?

I can’t choose just one!  It has to be all 4 of these; Samad al Iraqi restaurant, Dyar Al Sham restaurant, Wagamama, and last one Jones The Grocer.

Tell us more about one of your menu’s available on Chefxchange?

“Gastronomic dinner” is one of my favorite choices as the dishes are an exclusive combination of strong flavours mixed with love and passion.

Who taught you how to cook?

My Mother.

Sum up your cooking style in three words.

Fresh, healthy and simply delicious.

Savory or Sweet?

Definitely Savory!

Which Chef would you love to meet?

Jamie Oliver.

Favorite kitchen gadget?


Best advice you’ve received in your career?

To cook using less ingredients and more taste.


Chef Amro is not one that likes to give away all of his secrets!  View private Chef Amro on ChefXchange so you can book him and learn his secrets first hand.  Tell us what the the best cooking advice you have received in the comments below.