Private Chef Andrea’s Interview on the Highs and Lows of his Career

Chef Andrea is an Italian-born Chef where he learnt to make fresh pasta with his Italian grandma.  He moved to London to study at Le Cordon Bleu Chef School and is now based here as a London Private Chef.  However Andrea is available to travel all over the world to cook for you, he is doing an exclusive trip with ChefXchange to Dubai this October.  He’s learnt through his passion, experimentation, education and reading books by famous Chefs.  See below for his interview about the highs and lows of his Chef career, the famous people Andrea has worked for, more information about his upcoming trip to Dubai and some of his secret recipes.

Private Chef Andrea

As well as training at one of the best Chef school’s Andrea also has a very impressive work history.  He has cooked for many famous people; Roger Waters, the singer and creator of Pink Floyd, the Queen at Buckingham Palace, Eminem, the Chelsea Football Team and Charles Saatchi to name a few!  As well as working for the World’s 2nd Best Restaurant, Osteria Francescana, and the World’s 6th Best Restaraunt in the World, Restaurant Mugaritz.  

Below is his interview about his Chef career:

Who taught you how to cook?

I learnt how to cook when I was a child, I made fresh pasta with my Grandma every Sunday and BBQ’d with my dad every weekend.

How did you decide you wanted to pursue a career as a chef?

I love the feeling of happiness that people have when they taste my food. I make them forget all their problems and the outside world, I focus their mind and body on a fantastic dining experience.

What Chef education have you had?

I studied cooking at Le Cordon Bleu London culinary school.

How hard was it to get into chef school?

For me it was extremely difficult because you needed to have a good English knowledge first, this meant that I had to spend 6 months before I applied, trying my best to learn and get an English Certificate.  This was the only big challenge for me to get in the culinary school, once I was in I was so encapsualted by the cooking the time just flew away, and before I knew it I had my Grande Diploma!

Where was your first Chef job?

My first job as a Chef was at the Restaurant Mugaritz, in San Sebastian, Spain.  It was an incredible feeling to be in such an important restaurant. It was tough and hard job, but I loved it and I learnt a lot from it.  Still when I am cooking today my style represents what Mugaritz taught me about respect of the food, the customer, my body and my brain.

How did you get the job at Mugaritz?

I got the job through a cover letter where I explained why I wanted to work there and everything I had learnt at the fantastic school in London.  I explained about my dedication, passion and strength and that it kept me working hard and most importantly that I had a goal and I would do anything to reach it!

How hard was it to break into the chef job market?

Very hard. I had to first save a lot of money and then invest it every time I saw a great opportunity to show myself to the market! The first period was really challenging because I had to choose between giving the best high quality organic food to people, or spending the money on myself and my own social life.  So I’ve been through years of sacrifices to reach this position and choosing between my social life and my work life.  But I will keep fighting the battle and making sacrifices until I will reach the top.

 What things have helped you with your chef career?

Eating out, whenever I can. Travelling, whenever I have the possibility.  You never stop learning as a chef, everyday you learn something new, a new ingredient, method, culture..

Another thing that was really important for me was to network with people, don’t be shy go and talk to people!  It’s such a great wat to communicate to them your passion, you never know how these people can help you in the future, they will speak about you to their friends and so on.  By networking you can reach higher parts of your career quicker with better results.

What is the best advice you’ve received in your career and who it was from?

“Never stop. Keep believing in yourself and in your objectives until you’ll reach them.”  From Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana, while I was working there.

Do you have any advice for new Chefs?

If you really think that you would like to be a Chef, be ready it’s a very challenging world!  Try to have as many experiences as you can. Travel any chance you get, it is important to enlarge your point of view of what food is and enrich your knowledge about it.


We hope this interview with Chef Andrea has helped some up and coming Chefs with their Chef career and also enlightened others as to the tough life of a Chef.  Chef Andrea hasn’t just shared his tips on having a successful Chef career he has also shared some of his secret recipes with us.  Read his recipe for Duck with Coffee Eggnog and Burnt Spring Onion here, he will be sharing more of his recipes over the coming weeks so make sure you check back to our blog for these.

Chef Andrea is doing an exclusive trip with ChefXchange to Dubai from the 7th October until the 14th October where he will be available to cook in your homes between these dates.  He is available to cook five-course menus whether they be fish, meat or vegetarian.  If you would like more information on having Chef Andrea cook for you in Dubai and seeing his menus send us an email at


Are you having a dinner party soon?  Check our Private Chef Andreas profile here to look at his menus and book him.

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