Private Chef At Home?

Nowadays, eating has become a hobby and preparing food has become an art. On average, we consume approximately 3 meals per day to satisfy our nutritional needs. Trying to prepare and eat foods are one of the most time consuming activities in our daily lives. Spending both time and money going to the grocery store to buy supplies and ingredients in order to prepare meals daily isn’t always ideal. Hiring a personal chef seems to be one of the best solutions to that problem, besides ordering ready made food every day. A private chef can be hired to cook all meals for the day and he/she may also be hired for special events in particular.

Private chefs can gather all of the ingredients they need to fix you the meal of your choice, cook for you, and clean up. In other words, a private chef can play the role of personal shopper, cook, and maid! Anthony, who hired private chef Elia for his last event describes the experience as wonderful. He said,

“Chef Elia was a delight to have. A passionate, an entertainer, you name it. He made our evening and his shrimp coconut soup with coconut rice was delicious. Highly recommended!”.

Chef Elia offered a 3 course meal for each guest via a classic Iranian menu. It was fancy and simple at the same time, He created beautifully-designed dishes out of simple, affordable ingredients. The invitees loved it, not just the food, but the whole experience! It’s not just about what you offer as a chef, it’s also about the love and soul you put in your dish.

private chef at home

Private Chef Work Of Art

The idea of a private chef might sound too fancy for many. Too fancy may mentally equate to too expensive, but that isn’t the case! On average, $40 per person for a 3 course meal in Beirut is fair and affordable. The offered price includes the purchase of ingredients, cooking, and the clean up, not to mention that he is offering an appetizer, main course, and dessert. The private chef creates a tailored menu for the food lover who has the freedom to adjust the offered menu to suit his/her preferences. 

Private chefs can easily prepare high quality meals. Some also offer personal cooking lessons in their clients’ homes, which can inspire them to cook meals in a more fun and interactice way. In the digital age, food lovers can use the internet to look for talented private chefs that are available in the market; they can visit websites and read reviews about them as well. This is exactly what ChefXchange offers. Our chefs are ready to prepare a tailored menu especially for you to suit your taste, at any time, and any place of your choice.