Private Chef for a Birthday Party Anyone?

Towards the end of June, we received a booking request for 2 people in Beirut. A foodie had visited our gourmet food court at the Live Love Mzaar Festival and tried our chefs’ food. She loved the food and the chefs. For this occasion? Her mother’s birthday was a few days away and she wanted to gift her something special. A ChefXChange Culinary Experience was the first thing she thought about. What’s better than pampering your mother and treating her to a delicious and relaxing meal for her birthday?

Private Chef for a Birthday Party Anyone?

Private Chef Maxime's Lobster Roll

The bait that lured in a wonderful foodie.

Originally, the booking request came through specifically for Chef Maxime, after the foodie tasted his mouthwatering Lobster Roll. Unfortunately, Chef Maxime had travel plans and was unable to cater to the foodie’s request. “Worry not!” we told the foodie, we have a long list of experienced and vetted chefs that would love to serve you.

After skimming through a couple of profiles, she stumbled upon Private Chef Karim and reached out to him (though admittedly, with some reservations about his age and experience). He proposed a customized menu, careful to make sure that it suited her palate but also staying authentic to his cooking style and creativity.


A menu for a Foodie's Birthday


All is kept secret… our foodie makes sure her mother didn’t get suspicious.

The day has arrived! The bell rings and mother opened the door. Chef Karim is there with a bouquet of flowers, our foodie’s last request!

How was the dinner you ask? Here’s what our foodie had to say:

“When I first read the reviews about Chef Karim, I honestly suspected it was the Chefxchange crew who had written it to promote for their chef. But when I had the dinner experience, I realized that the praise was not enough. Despite his young age, chef Karim proved to be a lot more talented and experienced than many chefs I have met and worked with. Thumbs up to the chef and the professional crew of CXC!!”


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