Boyfriend Saves the Day: Private Chef for a Birthday

We received a panicked booking request from a Foodie on 25th August who was worried he was going to ruin his girlfriend’s birthday. Now we couldn’t have that, could we? We put our team to work to solve this problem and get him the best Private Chef for his girlfriend’s birthday.

What had happened?  This poor guy had injured his leg a few days before, he was unable to walk and was stuck in his flat on the 5th floor that didn’t have a lift!  His girlfriend’s birthday was only the next day, he had promised her an amazing meal out at her favourite restaurant, but as he couldn’t walk he wouldn’t be able to take her out.  He came to us with his problem and we were determined to help him save the day.

One day’s notice is not a long time for a chef who needs to do a lot of preparation beforehand, but our fantastic Personal Chef Deji managed to work to the short time frame.  Creating an exceptional 5 course-menu:

Chef Deji's menu

Chef Deji’s menu

The guest of honor arrived at the house expecting to go out for dinner but instead was greeted by a Personal Chef who had created an intimate meal for them both.  Speaking to the foodie after the event he said that Chef Deji had really managed to help him save his girlfriend’s birthday.  Chef Deji said it was the best dinner party he had created as the setting was very intimate, secret and the last minute time frame got his adrenaline flowing.  

In the Foodie’s words:

“Very unique and high-quality dishes. Deji is very nice and professional. Happy to recommend to anyone looking for a West African food experience.”

Chef Deji's African food

Chef Deji’s food

So if you ever find yourself in a bit of a pickle or just want to try something different then Hire a Chef for the evening to help you save the day, search our Chefs here, or reach out to us on our Concierge page.