Private Chef in Greece: Unique Summer Holiday Experience

If you have never visited Greece, you need to ratify this crime. Greece is absolutely stunning. Surrounded by rugged mountains, exotic crystal-clear beaches, and beautiful people – Greece really has it all. Despite the vibrant nightlife, the array of different lifestyles and the natural beauty, Greek food will leave you astonished. Greek food and drinks are ridiculously delicious. Greece boasts a variety of food that there is so much to discover. For example, the food specialties of the islands or the hearty dishes on the mountain villages. Not to forget, the freshest and finest seafood and seasonal vegetables that are cooked in the purest of Olive Oil. Visiting Greece will extremely enhance and feed your senses. However, to give you a flavour of some of Greece’s best dishes, here are some beautiful dishes from our Private chefs in Greece.

Private Chef in Greece: Unique Summer Holiday Experience

Private chef in Greece

Chef Mykonos – Mykonos

Chef Mykonos is your 5.0 Chef in Mykonos. He specializes in BBQ, Greek and Italian cuisines and prides himself on using the islands freshest ingredients to make the best homemade food. He uses only Mediterranean influences modern techniques and his grandmas secrets to create unbelievable dishes. Hire Chef Mykonos to create your exclusive culinary experience.

Sample Menu – Greek BBQ Dinner

Chef Mykonos can turn modern Greek cuisines such as a Greek salad into a BBQ feast.  His grilled Haloumi cheese with basil and tomatoes Greek salad is like no other salad. What makes it special is that he tops it off with Zucchini fritters with scallions and a dash of mint. If you fancy modern Greek cuisine with a twist, do not hesitate to hire  Chef Mykonos.

Chef Georgios- Athens

Chef Georgios is dubbed as the Unforgettable Chef in Athens. His food is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and he only uses the best local ingredients. Although his specialty is Mediterranean dishes, Georgios can also whip up a storm when it comes to international and Italian cuisines. For an unforgettable day or night of dining, hiring Chef Georgios through

Sample Menu- The unforgettable lamb

They do not call Chef Georgios unforgettable for no reason. His unforgettable lamb lives up to his name. He slow cooks his lamb in the oven with rosemary and serves it alongside potatoes and a lemon sauce that is absolutely exquisite.

 Private Chef in Greece: Unique Summer Holiday Experience

Chef Angelos – Athens

If you are looking for another top-notch Chef in Athens, Chef Angelos is your guy. Born and raised in a Greek Island but spending many years abroad, Angelos has found a unique way of mixing traditional Greek Mediterranean cooking style with many different cuisines and food cultures. If you fancy Mediterranean food with a twist of Peruvian, Mexican and Japanese styles, hire Chef Angelos.

Sample Menu – The Moussaka

Chef Angelos prepares this classic Greek dish using potato and eggplant layers. He cooks the lamb mincemeat with tomato sauce, thyme and Bechamel gratin. These added ingredients are what makes his moussaka dish truly authentic. There is no longer a need to dream of the perfect layers of juicy lamb mince, sweet eggplants, and creamy béchamel sauce baked to perfection. Try Chef Angelo’s classic moussaka and you will understand why this dish is so well loved in Greece.

As you can see, Greece is a place of many wonders. Despite its breath-taking views and natural landscapes, their beautiful cuisines are what will truly hook you in. You will never be bored when visiting Greece. However, you will come back with a list full of beautiful recipes to try out yourself. So, what are you waiting for? Book a ticket to visit Greece, at least you know you will be covered on food by using Chefxchange.