ChefXChange is coming to NYC

New Yorkers, we have some news for you:

ChefXChange is coming to NYC!

Read on for details.

New York state loves food and we love that you love food. Here’s a bit about NY and the City that Never Sleeps by numbers:

Restaurants NYC

What do these numbers mean?


Talk about analysis paralysis! There are so many choices. There are also, so many people in the city alone. Do you find yourselves frequenting the same restaurants because you just can’t make up your mind when you peruse new ones? Maybe, you’re tired of searching for reservations and waiting in line. Perhaps you just can’t find what you’re looking for? Being a foodie can be tough and we’re here to reward you for your dedication. Turn your home into the type of restaurant that you’re craving. Invite your friends over to dine conveniently and exclusively on a unique menu cooked for you by one of our talented private chefs

We already have quite a few talented chefs in NYC. Chef Yanikie will take your tastebuds on a Caribbean journey. Chef Charly will make you feel as if you are still in Provence. Perhaps you’re yearning for Spanish, Lebanese or a James Beard inspired dinner. We’ve got you!


We’re always looking for amateur, apprentice, and professional chefs to join our community. The reasons our chefs join the platform vary, but here are a few:

I decided to leave the restaurant industry and pursue a private chef career.

I feel like my creativity is being stifled, and I would like to be able to exercise my creativity outside of my restaurant job.

I’d like to supplement my income by doing something that I love. 

If you’re looking for freelance chef opportunities, look no further. Showcase your talent through a chef profile on our platform. Foodies searching for unique culinary experiences will reach out to you on the platform with booking inquiries.


private chef in NYC

Here we come NYC!