Private Chef in Paris: A Unique Way To Experience French Cuisine

Behind the city of lights and romance lies a city with 3 secrets: butter, butter, and butter. Paris, the culinary capital of the world, sets the tone to the professional standards of kitchens all around the world. No doubt, gastronomic tourism is one of the main attractions to this magical city. That’s why we will take your taste-buds on a culinary journey to be remembered. Having a private chef in Paris will allow you to experience authentic French cuisine without worrying about any preparations or searches.

Private chef in Paris

Private Chef in Paris: A Unique Way to Experience French Cuisine 

French cuisine is known for its variety.  Each town has its own local dishes and it is this sense of location, that has kept rural French cooking alive til today. However, in metropolitan France, and in Paris specifically, the cuisine has more regional and international dishes. Regardless, French cuisine succeeds in preserving its essence with the use of garlic, mushrooms, truffles, and fresh herbs and spices. Also, the quality of the ingredients, and the superiority of local produce gives it a sense of supremacy. 

It is shocking to learn that the cuisine used to have a peasant origins to it, and it later grew to include lighter cream sauces, and more experimentation with preparation methods and non traditional flavors. That being said, some must-try foods nowadays are Duck Confit, Baguette, Raw Milk Artisanal Cheeses, and Croissants. Don’t forget that a glass of wine is always on the table!

Now let’s envision the ideal French experience. You are visiting France, and you get to start the day with croissants and the freshest local jams. Of course, you can’t forget the butter which is one of the most important elements. Then, you are off to visit the Eiffel tower and the old town. After experiencing the city’s charm, the foodie in you craves to have a taste of…everything! But you don’t need to worry about the hassle of looking for 5 star restaurants after a long day of walking. All you have to do is check out our private chefs in Paris! They will bring the 5 star service to you!

Here’s a glimpse of tasty meals from one of our chefs!

Chef Nathalie

Creamy Chestnut Soup with grilled bacon, poached egg and smoked oil.

Private Chef in Paris

Duck Breast with pear and honey, grazed carrots, white chocolate parsnip puree 

Private chef in Paris

Panacotta with almonds, candied prunes and spices.

Private chef in Paris

With our private chefs, you’ll get the chance to enjoy your vacation and the amazing food without all of the effort! 

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