In the Kitchen with Private Chef Luis

This week we’re meeting with private Chef Luis, one of our Spanish Chefs in Dubai and we’re quite excited to learn more about his cooking style and experience!


What’s in your fridge right now?

Spanish olives and vegetables. I love it!

Who cooks at home?

Me, and my girlfriend who is my best fan.

Favorite place to eat /restaurant in your current city?

La Cantine Du Faubourg.

Tell us more about one of your menu available on Chefxchange?

Well, I offer a traditional menu based on tapas, where the flavors and paellas get-together and leave an unforgettable taste.

Who taught you how to cook?

I taught myself by reading, watching, asking and studying, but I consider my mentor to be Chef Fernando from Albatro’s restaurant in Tarragona. He taught me love for the product.

Sum up your cooking style in three words.

Traditional, tasty and innovative.

Savory or Sweet?


Which Chef would you love to meet?

Actually, I did, Jose Maria Arzak. I like his style, with traditional flavors but new presentation.

Favorite kitchen gadget?

Thermomix, it is like a commis- I can’t work without!

Best advice you’ve received in your career?

Learn to do the same thing in different ways, when you have the chance, use the way that you prefer.

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