Private Chefs’ Ultimate Cooking Kit

To our dearest Foodies. Have you ever wondered what a Top Private Chef should always carry with him in case of emergency while being on a journey? 

By emergency, we mean when cooking at someone else’s place while being abroad on a special mission. Because our Private Chefs are not only artists but also real adventurers, and they must carry with them one ultimate cooking kit.

Private Chefs’ ultimate Cooking Kit should always contain

– Olive oil

A nice and refined olive oil of which they know the taste.

olive oil

– Pepper mill

We never know, the foodie might not have one and pepper is a key ingredient.

Fletcher's Mill pepper grinder

– Microplane grater

Should the host doesn’t have a proper one. To garnish some dishes, a risotto with parmesan on top.

parmesan over risotto

– Multi-usage knife, well sharpened with a flexible cutting board

As they are among the most important items great Chefs should have.

knife and cutting board

– Spatula

Always helpful especially with desserts. While pouring some melted chocolate, not to miss any bits of it. 


– Whisk

In case the Foodie couldn’t provide the Chef with a magical electric double whisk. To whip egg-whites to a light mousse. Very much needed for a Tiramisu !

tiramisu cream

– Thermometer

In case of a non accurate oven. To secure peace of mind while preparing the rest of the food.

– Sac-à-poche

For the stuffed food like meat and/or pastries.


– Bowls 

Preferably in stainless steel as they are great with both high and low temperatures. 

stainless steel bowl

– Apron 

Being part of our CXC Community, Chefs don’t have to worry for that as we provide them all with a nice black ChefXchange apron. 

CXC apron


Now you have all the necessary elements one great Chef should count among his tools. Give it a try or search for a Private Chef among our outstanding range to learn more on their duty.