Ramadan Iftar: Let Our Chefs Come To You!

The Holy Month of Ramadan begins first of June and is a time for personal reflection and bonding with your family and friends. At ChefXChange, we want to help you focus and engage on the true purpose of this auspicious month by allowing our private chefs to serve you a variety of Iftar menus.

Usually, Iftar would be either be cooked at home or at a restaurant, both of which take time out from prayers and spending time with your family. Our solution? Enjoy the best of both options! A private chef will arrive at your residence, with the ingredients to serve your friends and family! After the meal, our chefs will also clean up and leave the kitchen spotless.

After a day of fasting, the last conditions you should have to face are traffic jams with irate drivers and endless waiting periods to be seated at a restaurant. What’s more? You are restricted to what is available ‘A La Carte’! Our chefs are multi-cuisine masters and are willing to create a personalized menu, working with you to ensuring you the best dishes across their specialties.

On ChefXChange, we have chefs to cater to every cuisine, from Italian to Indian and Arabic to French. All you have to do is choose a chef, decide on a menu and have a comfortable evening with friends & family! We will take care of the rest.

Some of our best chefs have created special menus to cater for your Iftar. Here are some of the Chefs:

Chef Amro – Arabic & BBQ


Chef Amro (Dubai, UAE) is a highly sought after multi-cuisine Masterchef and grill master! He has created a Ramadan menu that captures the Taste of the Middle East with a selection of the best and most authentic dishes from the region. 

Chef Francesca – Italian & European


Chef Francesca (Dubai, UAE) is a native Italian who offers the best dishes from Italy across Europe such as fresh-made pasta & gnocchi! She has a warm personality and shares her passion for cooking through impeccable dishes and menus. 

Chef Marta – Spanish & International 


Chef Marta (Dubai, UAE) is an award-winning chef who has compiled a Ramadan menu to capture the best flavors from across the globe–from her homeland, Spain, to Arabic delicacies of the Middle East. She has a professional team that strives to deliver the best culinary experience for your Iftar. 


Be sure to check back here for more Iftar menus in the coming days!