Raw is the New Al Dente!

Have you ever considered becoming a raw food eater?

Raw has become the new al dente in today’s behaviour. It’s popularity has increased to the extent that restaurants started adding raw meals in their menus to satisfy this new wave of raw and vegan dinners. 

The Guardian magasine dedicates a whole page on the benefits of eating raw food rather than cooked or processed food. 

Eating raw would help you burn fat. Why?

Cause your metabolism has to work harder to process food and will burn more calories along the way. We know all of these “raw food, vegan, gluten free” are nowadays’ in fashion. Therefore, at ChefXchange we gave it a try and included some of them in our daily meals. 

Carmody says:

“We do think in today’s world, that for people who are interested in remedying their caloric intake, they might think about switching some of their foods over to raw.”

Read full article here.

If you feel like trying some delicious raw food recipes, among our vaste range of outstanding Chefs, we have a duo that are experts

Think of a raw burger with sweet mash…. doesn’t sound as great as it tastes!

Raw Burger with Sweet Mash

Or a Tomato BLT, what’s that? It’s blanched tomato with fresh basil, a bit of oregano and raw eggplant bacon. check it out
Tomato BLT 
So save time, save energy, forget al dente and eat raw!