Best Steak Tartare Recipe

Today I will share with you my Best Steak Tartare Recipe!

Steak tartare is raw diced meat.

Over the years Chefs have created several variations of this dish.

Some of the variations include raw fish.

Today’s recipe is considered a Modern version since it contains a raw egg yolk.

Steak tartare goes very well with fresh or toasted bread (sour dough or rye are the best).

French fries are another great accompaniment.

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Best Steak Tartare Recipe

Best Steak Tartare Recipe

Start by cleaning the tenderloin, removing any fat

Dice the beef into around 5mm pieces and reserve in the fridge

To prepare the sauce

Weight all the ingredients in a bowl

Mix them well and reserve

Now for the herb mix

Finely dice the shallots

Chop the capers

Finely chop the herbs

Mix all together and reserve

Now it is time to mix all the ingredients together

Use a small ring mold to press the meat together

Slightly push your thumb in the middle

Add the egg yolks where you have pushed your thumb so it holds in place

Serve immediately!!!

A fresh or toasted sour dough is a great accompainment


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Best Steak Tartare Recipe
7-8 people
7-8 people
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