Easy Cocktail Recipe for Christmas: Time to Say Cheers

It’s the Christmas period, everyone is good spirits, food is constantly rolling and laughter is easily shared in the air. The Christmas period is all about letting your hair down, relaxing and getting loose. The best way to achieve all three simultaneously is to simply cuddle up with a nice glass of Christmas inspired cocktail. We have an easy cocktail recipe for Christmas that will do just that.

Easy Cocktail Recipes For Christmas: Time To Say Cheers

Easy Cocktail Recipe for Christmas: Time to Say Cheers

Whilst a nice glass of bubbly is good enough for the occasion, champagne is more for toasting. This is why they are more fitting for New Year’s celebrations. No other whiff encompasses Christmas quite like the aroma of sweet and savoury treats such as candy cane!

This is why this recipe packs a punch when it comes to taking care of all your sweet cravings and tendency during the holiday period. The white candy is supposed to remind us of purity and holiness during the festive period. However, after a few glasses of this candy cocktail, you will be feeling far from pure or holy. Despite being naughty and nice, they will quickly get everyone’s spirit up and become an instant new holiday classic.

easy cocktail recipe for Christmas


Whether you want to experiment with mixology or need a fast, festive drink, you have come to the right place.  Leave the boring eggnog to the side and level up your cocktail game with this adult beverage that taste just like your favorite holiday sweets.  You will be quick to say cheers and Merry Christmas once you got a glass of this lovely cocktail in your hands.

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Easy Cocktail Recipes for Christmas: Time to Say Cheers

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Easy Cocktail Recipe for Christmas: Time to Say Cheers
  1. Decorate cocktail glass by coating its rim with the red sugar syrup. Then add sugar to it
  2. Place the rest of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker
  3. Add Ice to the mixture and shake very well
  4. Once well mixed, drain the ice from the mixture
  5. Gentle pour your mixture into the pre-decorated cocktail glass
  6. As a finishing touch add the all so important candy cane to give it a Christmasy theme.
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