Red Pepper and Feta Frittata Recipe

Featured in today’s Blog is a red pepper and feta frittata recipe, which is often compared to the Italian version of a Spanish tortilla.

Originally the term frittata used to describe any style of egg cooked in a skillet.

Nowadays however it is more associated with an Italian omelette. 

The frittata is a very versatile recipe. It offers plenty of variations.

It is a very simple and easy recipe to prepare and it is delicious to eat, especially with freshly baked bread.

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Red Pepper and Feta Frittata Recipe

Red Pepper and Feta Frittata Recipe

Pre-heat the oven to 200 C.

Beat the eggs well to incorporate as much air as possible.

Mix in all the ingredients and stir to combine.

Season to taste with salt and black pepper.

Using a 20 cm oven-proof non stick pan.

Add the olive oil in a medium heat.

Once hot, add the egg mixture.

Let it cook for about 5 minutes with low heat.

Transfer to the oven.

Now cook for 15 minutes or until the egg is set and golden brown. 

Remove from the oven and let it cool for a couple minutes before slicing to serve.


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Red Pepper and Feta Frittata Recipe
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