Recipes from Cartoon shows

Have you ever craved fictional food that you saw in cartoon shows? Animation can make any food look perfect and delicious. And the way the characters gulped them down was not making us crave them any less. Read on for recipes from cartoon shows.

recipes from cartoon shows

SpongeBob’s Krabby Patty

SpongeBob's Krabby patty

SpongeBob’s Krabby patty

The Krabby Patty was always a mystery to us. SpongeBob flipped those Krabby Patties and built the perfect burgers. But the recipe was a secret, even though many have tried to steal it. We found it, check it out here.

Homer Simpson’s Donut

Homer Simpson's donut

Homer Simpson’s donut

Homer Simpson loved his donuts! But one type of donut will stay in our minds forever. The pink frosted donut with sprinkles. I can picture Homer drooling already. Find the recipe here

Ron Stoppable’s Nacos

Ron Stoppable Nacos

Ron Stoppable Nacos

If you have watched Kim Possible then you know that she and Ron Stoppable always hang out at the local Tex-Mex fast food place: Bueno Nacho. It is there that Ron creates the famous Naco; a combination between nachos and tacos. You can find the recipe here.

Shaggy’s Stacked Sandwich

Shaggy's stacked sandwich

Shaggy’s stacked sandwich

It seems like Shaggy and Scooby-doo never did anything but eat. They always ate their famous high-stacked sandwiches. You can find the recipe for a roast turkey cobb sandwich here; stack it high and make sure to hide from the monsters.

The Rugrats’ Reptar Bar

The Rugrats' Reptar Bar

The Rugrats’ Reptar Bar

The Rugrats is one of my favorite animated shows of all time. If you are a huge fan like me, then you have definitely craved the famous Reptar bars. They make your tongue green! Here’s the recipe .

Muriel’s Mac n Cheese

Muriel's Mac'n'Cheese

Muriel’s Mac’n’Cheese

Courage the Cowardly Dog used to scare me when I was younger and it still does. The only scene that I can watch over and over again is when Muriel gets turned into a baby and makes courage, the dog, cook Mac n Cheese for her. She makes him cook it over and over again until it’s just right and then casually says that she hates macaroni and cheese! Hopefully, this recipe would have Muriel’s approval. 

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