Recipes from Movies

Movies make us hungry and that’s why we feel the need to snack while watching. There are certain movies that have made us crave food that we would never be able to eat. We crave them even more when we know they are fiction. Check out these recipes for foods from movies.

Chocolate Pie from The Help

The help: Chocolate Pie

The Help: Chocolate Pie

Have you watched the movie The Help? Or have you read the book? If so, then I think you will enjoy this recipe for a famous signature chocolate pie made by Minnie. Why not make this pie and invite your friends over to watch the movie?

New Orleans Beignets from The Princess and the Frog

The Princess and the frog: Beignets

The Princess and the Frog: Beignets

When you hear New Orleans, what’s the first food you will think of? Beignets, right? The relatively new princess movie from Disney, Tiana features the princess making these lovely pastries and we have the recipe right here.

Ratatouille from Ratatouille

Ratatouille : Ratatouille

Ratatouille: Ratatouille

The famous Rat wanna-be Chef. This inspiring movie is famous for the ratatouille that the apprentice chef learns to make along with the help of his mentor. Find the recipe here.

Snow Cones from Monsters Inc.

Harry Potter: Pumpkin fizz candy

Monsters Inc.: Snow Cones

The yeti in Monsters Inc. makes these lemon flavoured snow cones and invites Mike and Sully to try them as he amusingly assures them that the yellow color stems from their lemon flavour.

Mint Sorbet from The Princess Diaries

The princess diaries: Mint sorbet

The Princess Diaries: Mint sorbet

Brain freeze! Remember that famous mint sorbet from the state dinner at the Genovian Embassy? Meant to cleanse the palate between courses, try this recipe for a cucumber mint sorbet and feel like royalty. But be careful, its frozen–so take small bites!

Triple Layer Chocolate Cake from Matilda

Matilda : Triple layer chocolate cake

Matilda: Triple Layer Chocolate Cake

One of my favourite movies of all time is Matilda. If you are a fan of this movie too then you will definitely recognize the famous Triple Layer Chocolate Cake that Ms.Trunchbull makes Bruce Bogtrotter eat in a single sitting. You go Bruce! You’re a true chocolate hero!

Pumpkin Fizz Candies from Harry Potter

Harry Potter: Pumpkin fizz candy

Harry Potter: Pumpkin Fizz Candy

Stash this recipe away for Halloween but be careful not to give it to any of the kids as it’s infused with vodka. This recipe would definitely impress the crowd at a Harry Potter themed Halloween party. Although it is not clear if the pumpkin fizz is meant to be drinkable or chewable, you can never go wrong with candy.


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