Refined in Brooklyn: gluten-free and vegan sweets

What association do you have with Brooklyn? Is it your favorite borough? One of my favorite things about Brooklyn is how hard people from there rep it. Some of my favorite people in the world call Brooklyn home, so I guess I’m not surprised that some of my favorite chefs rep Brooklyn as well. Welcome to the “Refined in Brooklyn” mini-series, a phrase that stuck with me as I was chatting with a couple of amazing chefs that I met up with in Bushwick. 

You can find any food in Brooklyn, this is an established fact. But what does one do when “Brooklyn is your oyster”? You may or may not get stuck in a culinary rut of sorts. If you have a sweet tooth, you’re in luck. We have a not-so-average chef/baker to introduce you to. In fact, she’s a breath of fresh air on so many fronts! Chef Elisa is your go-to for gluten-free and vegan baked goods!


Chef Elisa's Love Bites Brooklyn

The secret of her success? In addition to her talent and passion for baking, she also has several friends with benefits (and clearly a sense of humor!).

Chef Elisa's Love Bites Brooklyn

We visited Chef Elisa at her bakery in Bushwick and tried almost everything. Our standards for gluten-free and vegan baked goods have been changed (for the better) in perpetuity. All of her baked goods are gluten-free, some are also vegan. All are also nutritious, contain no refined sugar, no artificial sweeteners and come in healthy portions. Some of our favorites? We loved the Black Heart Cake, Fig Buddies and Fluffers–to name a few. 

Black Heart Cake: antioxidant-rich chocolate cake [gf & vegan]

Chef Elisa's Love Bites Brooklyn

Black Heart Cake

Fig Buddies: cookie bars with a delectable black mission fig filling [gf & vegan]

Chef Elisa's Love Bites Brooklyn

Fig Buddies

Fluffers: vegan almond meringue cookies made with aquafaba [gf & vegan]

Chef Elisa's Love Bites Brooklyn

Fluffers in the oven!

New on the menu: Original Sin Apple Cake [gf & vegan]. We need someone to try this out and report back to us! 🙂

Chef Elisa's Love Bites Brooklyn

Want to learn more about Chef Elisa? Head over to LiveDish to view a recent interview with her on the ins and outs of gluten-free baking. To book her for your next tea party or another event in need of a sweet touch, check out her profile here. Welcome aboard Chef Elisa, we are so happy to have you!

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