Road Trip Food: What to Pack

Summertime and the livin’s easy!

is probably one of my favorite quotes describing summer. Summer is never complete without a good long road trip, where you pack your things for few days, blast loud music, put your window down and enjoy the scenery with your loved ones. An important component of any road trip is definitely food! We often pack too much or don’t pack at all and end up buying junk food on the road. Spending a lot of money on unhealthy food while you are not even moving clearly isn’t advisable! The most successful kind of road trip is one that’s fully prepared and planned for in terms of destination, music, and food. I will leave the destination and the music part for you and I will give you few tips on the best road trip food.


Sandwiches are great for having a fully balanced “meal” and getting your daily nutritional needs. They are very easy to make and great to fill the hungry stomach. Using whole grain bread is highly recommended, adding tomatoes, lettuce for fiber, and a bit of sliced cheese would make a great road trip sandwich. If have more of a sweet tooth and love desserts, of course Peanut Butter and Jelly is a no-brainer. 

Road Trip Sandwich


Cheese & Crackers 

Cheese and crackers is a classic and the perfect combination for a snack! It contains protein and good carbs (get the whole-grain crackers) and will absolve your hunger pangs! However, make sure to pack them into separate containers and portions, otherwise you will be eating a lot of them! 

Road Trip Cheese and Crackers


Veggies With a Healthy Dip

This one is my favorite by far! Pre-washed and cut vegetables are the perfect refreshing snacks to take on a road trip. Good choices include: cherry tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, broccoli florets, celery sticks and snap peas. It’s better to keep them in a Tupperware or a sealed plastic bag. To add a bit of good taste to those veggies, bring your favorite dip with you, hummus, guacamole or even peanut butter. Those combinations won’t make you feel guilty despite the large quantity that you’re sure to consume.

Road Trip veggies



Chips? cookies? Skip the junk and snack on some salty and crunchy nuts that are full of healthy fats and proteins. Some of my favorites are almonds, peanuts and walnuts. Craving something sweeter? I’d recommend almonds covered with dark chocolate or candied walnuts– you’re in for a treat! 

Road Trip nuts


Road Trip-friendly Fruits

Fruits are a very good road trip-friendly snack. They are packed with good sugar, which will give you bunch of energy and are packed with vitamins. On top of that, they are very refreshing, especially if you choose the right kind of fruits. I’d recommend choosing fruits that don’t produce trash, such as: berries, cherries, dates and dried fruits as well. 

Road Trip Fruits


Those are my tips for the road trip food. If you have anything in mind, please report back to us, would love to add it to my list for my upcoming trip!