5 Best Romantic Dinner Ideas At Home: Have Moments Together!

What if a romantic evening didn’t have to mean going out to a restaurant and you could create a unique experience at your home, and I don’t mean eating popcorn on the sofa. It’s time to surprise your loved one with a romantic meal served in the comfort of your own dining room. Here are a few romantic dinner ideas that will amaze your other half with an array of flavors and textures that are worthy of a Michelin star.5 Best Romantic Dinner Ideas At Home: Have Moments Together!

Worried that a 3-course menu is going to send you into a food coma and not to a romantic chat? Reduce the portion size! Inspire yourself by the way chefs present the food in the restaurants; it’s all about quality and not quantity. If you normally prepare big food portions try to cut it by half, you will still be full and feel great after the meal.

Romantic dinner ideas at home, see our 5 menus below:

Inspired by a Michelin star chef

Romantic dinner menu inspired by Michelin starred chef

Starter: Aubergine and Chorizo Parmigiana

Main: Handmade Pumpkin Gnocchi with Parmesan Eggnog and Piennolo Cherry Tomato

Dessert: Pear Tarte Tatine with Gorgonzola

An amazing mixture of classics with a twist that will excite even the pickiest taste buds. Spice it up with a bit of chorizo and follow with everyone’s favorite Italian dish. Finish the meal strong with the sweetness of pears and piquancy of Gorgonzola. For the less advanced in the kitchen, you can relax and watch our chef Andrea prepare the meal.

Spanish fusion

 Romantic dinner menu inspired by Spanish fusionStarter: Gazpacho with crab relish

Main: Paella

Dessert: Caramelized banana and vanilla cheesecake

Is there anything better than a taste of summer? Take your partner on a culinary trip to Spain with smooth gazpacho and fresh seafood sprinkled with your favorite white wine.

British cuisine at it’s best

Romantic dinner menu inspired by British cuisines

Starter: Scallops with a Lime and Devon Crab mash

Main: Herb-crusted Lamb

Dessert: Macaroons

This menu falls far from the much-loved pub classics but uses your favorite ingredients. Scallops and crab will take you for a trip to the seaside. Relax close your eyes and listen to the calm waves of the sea. Go to Scottish highlands to find the most tender lamb chops and … well maybe cross the channel for the desert this time. If the macaroons are daunting you, you can follow this simple recipe.

French classics

French classic dinner menu

Starter: Foie gras

Main: Moules marinière with cream, garlic, and parsley

Dessert: Crepes Suzette

Apparently, no one knows romance better than the French. Perhaps this Valentines you don’t have to go all the way to Paris to have the most amazing French dishes. Surprise your love with some French classics and a bottle of wine. Don’t forget about a baguette too!

Elegance of aromas

Aromatic dinner menu

Starter: Scallops and asparagus

Main: Duck served with broccoli

Dessert: Pavlova with coffee cream and berries

Something for those, who make sure they have their 5 portions of veggies and fruit a day. Enjoy the asparagus accompanied by dreamy scallops and broccoli with a succulent duck breast. This light dinner will take you to the seventh heaven on the Pavlova cloud.

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