5 Romantic Dinner Ideas: Dinner Menu For Someone You Love!

It’s easy to be romantic when the sun is shining and you can spend long evenings drinking wine in the garden, but don’t let the gloomy weather kill the romance, on those cold January nights let’s make sure that your Juliet or Romeo feels special and loved. The solution is simple: make your dearest a gorgeous 3-course dinner. I bet you’re thinking how can a 3-course dinner be ‘simple’? Well, we have few romantic dinner ideas that will make it painless.

Romantic dinner ideas: our 5 best picks from 5 best private chefs

The principal of every delicious dinner: get the best products! Sometimes it’s not a simple task especially if you don’t have time to search further than your local supermarket. Try to go to a farmers market on the weekend; most of the neighborhoods have some at least once a week. The products are delicious and fresh, especially the vegetables and fruits.

Romantic dinner ideas: our 5 best picks from 5 best private chefs

Menu Degustation

Dinner Menu

  • A taste from the sea.
  • Farmers table.
  • French connection

This romantic dinner idea is every foodie’s dream. If your common passion is connected with eating delicious, surprising and innovative dishes this menu will make your other half ecstatic. A prawn and crab mousse delicacy contrasts with the spiciness of a chili sauce. The bittersweet duck breast with beetroots and cherries will leave you waiting impatiently for the next course: the best French classics of boeuf bourguignon. This is not necessarily a beginners menu but you can always ask our outstanding chef Mario to prepare it for you.

Seafood Platter

Dinner Menu

  • Salmon Ceviche
  • Tagliatelle a la marinara
  • Apple tart

A light version of a dinner for seafood lovers makes a perfect romantic meal at home. Marinated salmon with a sprinkle of lime juice and herbs. You can put your favorite seafood into the pasta weather its prawns, mussels, clams, or perhaps everything, it’s most delicious with garlic and chilies. Finish the dinner with a crispy apple tart and some ice cream.

Have a look at some inspiration on how to make a delicious ceviche.

Land & Sea

Dinner menu

  • Seared Isle of Man diver Scallops
  • Loin of Highland Venison
  • Delice de Chocolat

The best of both worlds: commence your dinner with fresh scallops in company of vegetables and nuts, continue with a special taste of venison a true delicacy on the dinner table. Finish your meal with a creamy chocolate dessert accompanied by raspberries and elderflower sorbet. This very special menu can appear at your table effortlessly, cooked by our chef Khalid.

Back to the roots

Dinner Menu

  • Wild mushroom soup
  • Homemade pizza with grilled pumpkin and goat cheese
  • Healthy Eaton Mess

Perfect dinner for veggie fans. Show your loved one that vegetables don’t have to be boring. Start the dinner with lovely creamy mushroom soup made from a combination of wild forest mushrooms. Bake a pizza with unusual topping: baked pumpkin with spices and goat cheese. And who said that desserts couldn’t be healthy? Give good old Eaton Mess a twist and add some oats and granolas instead of meringue.

Taste of Thailand

Dinner Menu

  • Tuna Carpaccio
  • King Prawn Green Curry
  • Sticky Rice and Mango

Finally take your love for a trip to exotic Thailand rich in the fresh seafood and some of the world’s most interesting tastes. You may associate crude tuna with sushi but let yourself be thrilled with it in a Carpaccio. A creamy and spicy curry with jasmine rice and juiciest prawns will let you fall in love with Thai cooking. That admiration will surely be consolidated with mango and coconut rice. Let yourself be thought the foundations of the Thai cuisine with our chef Andrea.

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