Sandwich Catering Services: Platter Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

One of the easiest foods to serve at a party are sandwiches. BUT…. just because they are easy it does not mean that they cannot be delicious. We have 4 amazing sandwich catering services for you to pick from, to prove that sandwiches do not have to be boring.

Sandwich Catering Services: Platter Prices, Reviews And Special Offer

One advantage of serving sandwiches at a party is that they are easy to eat, and there is no need to arrange cutlery or even plates – it makes it a great food for office parties and networking events. 

Sandwich Catering Services: Platter Prices, Reviews, And Special Offer

Chef Andrea’s Sandwich Catering Service

Truffle and Goat Cheese Sandwich Turkey Sandwich Club Mediterranean Focaccia Sandwich 

  • Truffle and Goat Cheese Sandwich

  • Turkey Sandwich Club

  • Mediterranean Focaccia Sandwich 

This gourmet sandwich menu is a lovely choice for a light but tasteful lunch. Enjoy those delicious bites along with other hot or cold canapes, making your event even more special. The amazing combination of truffles and goat cheese is exactly what your guests need. This menu can be arranged for a big party and it will cost you around 15 GBP per person. 

Chef Carlo’s Latin Flavour Buffet 

Prosciutto and Melon

Chorizo and shrimp skewers Dessert buffet

  • Selection of hot and cold canapes at your request

This great menu, which is a creation of Chef Carlo can be anything you want it to be. If you have any canapes or sandwiches wishes Chef Carlo can make them come true. You can also give Carlos a creative freedom and let yourself be surprised with amazing flavors on your plate. This menu can be arranged for up to 100 people for 150 AED per person. 

Chef Kayo’s Twisted cuisine of Japanese and French

Crispy Prawn Sandwich Aubergine CaviarBeef Tataki à la Japonaise 

  • Crispy Prawn Sandwich

  • Aubergine Caviar

  • Beef Tataki à la Japonaise

The marriage of Japanese cuisine and French classics will surely be a great bite to grab for any of your guests. This menu is a great choice for a smaller party. Start your evening with delicious crispy sandwiches with prawns. This exciting menu can be served to up to 8 people and will cost you 200 GBP per person.

Chef Abby’s Corporate and private catering


  • Sandwich and Wrap sharing platter

  • Chilled  Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches

The last of our sandwich catering services is a choice of many delicious bites for your corporate event. There is plenty to pick and choose from. You can go with cold canapes, or wraps and sandwiches. Chef Abby will find the perfect menu for your event.  You can personalise this menu very easily, and it can be served for a bigger or smaller party and will cost you 25 GBP per person.

ChefXChange Reviews

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