Skipping the Supermarket and Going Straight to the Producer

New ventures have been set up all over the UK that mean many people are now skipping the supermarket and going straight to the producer and we at ChefXchange love this.  The new idea is about setting up new grassroots to empower local people.  Many new organisations have been set up over the UK to encourage people to buy locally and seasonally.  The reason we love it so much is because we at ChefXchange only use the freshest seasonal produce, it really does make a difference to the taste.  As well as buying from the producer means that the money is put into the hands of people who do the hard work:

In the Food Assembly model, for example, where customers order from local producers online, a farmer typically gets an 80% return on their produce as opposed to 7% from national supermarkets.

This new trend of buying allows the customer to visit the farm itself and understand where the food has come from, a very different experience to the supermarket.  The ideas are so popular a ‘community of dragons’ has been set up in Devon, for people to go and pitch their grassroot ideas to get funding.  All of these ventures have things in common that include; being community-based and owned, alternative currencies are used, and waste is re-used and recycled.

ChefXchange loves this idea because it reduces the waste, half of food is wasted in the UK, and encourages people to eat local and seasonal food, reducing the need for harmful chemicals. 

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