Small Dinner Party Catering: Prices, Reviews, Menu Ideas And Special Offer

Dinner parties are an amazing opportunity to catch up with friends and family. You can arrange a big party for quite a few people, but it is even more fun to meet up in a smaller group, and in a more intimate setting. To make the dinner party interesting and less stressful for you, it is a great idea to hire a professional chef. See what kind of small dinner party catering you can get with our Private Chefs

Small Dinner Party Catering: Prices, Reviews, Menu Ideas And Special Offer

On many occasions, when organizing a party we have to decide on an ambience that we will go for in this particular meeting. Sometimes, it’s great to have a less formal setting and also less formal food. In that case, you can go for casual snacks and a sharing buffet style food, or a BBQ. On the other hand, everyone wants to have a nicer dinner once in a while. It is an especially great idea to have the more formal setting and food arrangements when you want to impress someone, for example, your in-laws :).

Small Dinner Party Catering: Prices, Reviews, Menu Ideas And Special Offer

Summer seafood delights

scalops cod ganache

  • Starter: Fresh scallops with strawberries

  • Main: Grilled cod with curry cauliflower puree

  • Dessert: Cranberry Ganache

Our first lovely dinner menu is a creation of our Chef Samih. This decadent dinner will be an amazing idea for a garden party on a hot summer evening. Relax and enjoy the delicious fresh scallops. Continue your healthy dinner with grilled cod. To finish off this feast have the beautiful and mouth-watering dessert. You can enjoy this dinner with Samih with a group up to 12 people and it will cost you around 195-340 AED per person. 

Spring Menu 

apple venison peas mousse quail

  • Appetizer: Pear, venison, and potato ravioli

  • Starter: Pea and mint soup with ham hock

  • Main: Quail with onion, chickpeas, and saffron

Up next on our top choices for small dinner party catering is an amazing menu from our Chef Daniel. This dinner will satisfy even the fussiest guests.  It is a lovely countryside inspired dinner menu that will be perfect for meat lovers as well as fans of more traditional tastes. You can arrange this dinner for up to 15 people and it will cost you 45-50 GBP per person. 

The tasting table

shrimps crab roll buillabese salmon ceviche quail sardine dinner

  • Tuna belly, king prawn, sea herbs

  • Crab avocado “cannelloni”

  • Crispy cod roll, scallop carpaccio

  • Bouillabaisse

  • Deconstructed seafood korma

  • Grilled sardine, watercress, parsley emulsion

  • Confit Quail, raspberry yogurt

This fabulous small dinner party catering menu is a gift from our Chef Mario. This menu is a true treat for all the foodies out there. The tasting menus are always an amazing adventure, but this one in particular. Enjoy seafood in all forms and shapes. This amazing menu can be cooked for a party of up to 12 people, costing between 900-1000 AED per person. 

Organic Delights

tasting menu

  • Amuse bouche: wild mushroom cappuccino

  • Burmese devilled organic eggs

  • Organic smoked salmon

  • Grilled steak

  • Nougat Parfait

Another beautiful menu from our Chef Alex. If you are a lover of organic food this will be a great choice for you. Using fresh and organic ingredients will make dishes in this menu taste even more extraordinary than you would expect. This amazing experience can be served to up to 18 people for around 500 AED per person.

Asian Gourmet

shrimp crostini red duck curry profiteroles

  • Prawn crostini

  • Thai duck red curry

  • Dessert

Our last delicious small dinner party catering menu comes from our Chef Shane. If you love Asian food or you are simply looking for a bit of variety in flavors and textures this is a great choice. This experience can be at your door steps for 240 AED per person for up to 25 people. 

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If you are looking for more catering services have a look at our amazing caterers and what they can cook for your party. For more menu inspiration have a look at our Dinner Party Catering Services: Prices, Reviews, Menu Ideas And Special Offer.

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