5 Easy Ideas for a Small Dinner Party Menu: Impress Your Guests!

Hosting a small dinner party and strapped for menu ideas? This happens to the best of us. Here are some of our typical conundrums and how you can combat them successfully to impress your guests! We came up with 5 small dinner party menu.

Let’s get started!

Presenting…5 Easy ideas to create your small dinner party menu!

1. I don’t have much time to prep!

Time being the commodity that it is, we totally understand what it’s like to be short on it. Check out this amazingly quick, yet impressive menu for those of us who love to entertain, but don’t have much time to prepare. 3-courses in 30 minutes! A superfood salad followed by spaghetti la mer and finally, Greek yogurt with raspberry pureé. The full skinny on this 3-course menu can be found here.

Quick dinner ideas2. I’m on a budget!

Join the club! Need some ideas, check out our blog post on frugal and healthy meals for a tight budget. You can do a lot with basic ingredients: roasted chicken, bulgogi, or some really nice soups. 


food for a budget

3. I’m working with limited ingredients!

We understand, it’s cold out and the local farmer’s markets are likely closed for the season. You can still work with what you’ve got. We suggest doing a quick search on “seasonal ingredients” and building a menu around what’s unique to the season. We love winter gourds/roots and winter citrus. We very much scour the aisles for blood oranges throughout the season!

Here’s some winter dinner party inspiration for you in the form of rutabagas and blood oranges. How does an oven roasted chicken, roasted rutabaga in brown butter and candied blood orange 6-spice shortbread cookies sound?

small dinner party menu ideas

4. I’m not really a “cook”… you feel me?

But, you are! You don’t have to throw together a complex gourmet recipe with 55 ingredients to impress your guests. Simple is best! Start easy, how about a simple, yet impressive soup menu. Make a unique soup, pair it with your favorite rustic bread and some wine and presto! Try one of these 6 soups, your guests will definitely think you’re a great cook!


5. I really am strapped for cooking inspiration…

We’ve all been there. Here’s how we prompt inspiration for ourselves. We first think of the vibe that we want to have with our friends. Then we think of types of cuisines that would fit that. Are you looking to have a really laid back, zen experience? Japanese food! Thinking you’d prefer upbeat with some dancing? Caribbean food! Romantic vibes all the way? Start with the romance languages the move to >> the cuisines of those countries. See our logic? It works every time!

Japanese Food